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A Case-parent Triads Study on Associations between AGT M235T, ACE I/D Gene Polymorphisms and Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy

Author ZhuMing
Tutor YanZuoRong
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Epidemiology and Biostatistics,
Keywords Hypertensive Disorders In Pregnancy Case-Parent Triads Maternal-FetalDyads Case-Control Study Angiotensinogen (AGT) Angiotensin Converting Enzyme(ACE)
CLC R714.245
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective:1. To analyze the differences of the demographic characteristics, family history ofdiseases, gestational information, lifestyles and mental conditions during pregnancybetween hypertensive disorders in pregnant women and normal pregnant women.2. To assess the distributions of the genotypes and allele frequencies of angiotensinogengene M235T polymorphism (AGT M235T), angiotensin converting enzyme gene I/Dpolymorphism (ACE I/D) in hypertensive disorders in pregnant women, theirpartners and fetus and normal pregnant women and their fetus, respectively.3. To investigate the genetic effects of maternal and fetal AGT M235T, ACE I/D genepolymorphisms, maternal-fetal incompatibility and their interactions in hypertensivedisorders in pregnancy in a maternal-fetal dayds case-control and a case-parent triadsstudy.Methods:1.170women diagnosed as hypertensive disorders in pregnancy and170normalpregnant women were recruited from January2008to October2010in Maternal andChild Care hospital in Anyang City, Henan Province. The information such asdemographic characteristics, family history of disease, gestational information,lifestyles and mental conditions during pregnancy was investigated by questionnairesurveys.2. The peripheral venous blood samples from hypertensive disorders in pregnantwomen, their partners and cord vein blood samples from fetus were collected, theperipheral venous blood samples of normal pregnant women and the cord vein blood from fetus were also collected. AGT M235T and ACE I/D gene polymorphisms weretested by PCR-RFLP, PCR and Agarose gel electrophoresis assays.3. Aconditional logistic regression and a log-linear model were used in a maternal-fetaldyads case-control study and a case-parent triads study to investigate the geneticeffects of maternal and fetal AGT M235T, ACE I/D gene polymorphisms,maternal-fetal incompatibility and their interaction in hypertensive disorders inpregnancy, respectively.Results:1. Compared with control group, the educational level was lower and there were morefamers in case group. The proportion of family history of hypertensive disorders inpregnancy was significantly differed from cases to controls. The proportions offamily history of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases were larger in cases andtheir partners than controls and their partners, respectively. The pre-pregnancy BMIand BMI increased during pregnancy were larger in cases than controls. There weremore cigarette smoking in cases’partners than controls’.2. There was no significant difference in the distributions of maternal AGT M235T andACE I/D genotypes and allele frequencies between cases and controls. Thedistributions of fetal ACE I/D genotypes and allele frequencies were similar in thetwo groups. But the distributions of fetal AGT M235T genotypes were foundsignificantly different in cases and controls (P=0.001)3. There was neither maternal, fetal genetic effects of ACE I/D in hypertensivedisorders in pregnancy, nor maternal-fetal incompatibility and interactions inhypertensive disorders in pregnancy. No significant association was detected formaternal AGT gene M235T polymorphism and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy,mothers with fetal genotype TT were at a lower risk compared with mothers withfetal genotype MM (OR=0.69,95%CI:0.48-0.99). There was no maternal-fetalincompatibility or interaction between maternal and fetal AGT M235T genotype inhypertensive disorders in pregnancy.Conclusion: 1. We found there were significant differences of educational level, occupations,history of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, family history of hypertension andcardiovascular diseases, BMI, lifestyles and et al between hypertensive disorders inpregnant women and normal pregnant women.2. There was neither significant difference in the distributions of maternal genotypesand allele frequencies of AGT M235T and ACE I/D, nor fetal genotypes and allelefrequencies of ACE I/D. The distributions of genotypes of fetal AGT M235T weresignificantly different.3. There was no association between maternal AGT M235T, ACE I/D genepolymorphisms and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, similar results was alsofound for fetal ACE gene I/D polymorphism. Women with fetal genotype TT were ata lower risk than women with fetal genotype MM. There was no maternal-fetalincompatibility or interaction for AGT M235T, ACE I/D genotypes in hypertensivedisorders in pregnancy.

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