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Study on the Outcomes of In-vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer and Related Factors in a Hospital of Changchun

Author LiNa
Tutor LiBo
School Jilin University
Course Public Health
Keywords in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer biochemical pregnancy pregnancy related factors
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective: To explore the incidences of all possible outcomes ofin-vitrofertilization and embryo transfer(IVF-ET); to explore factors which might be relatedwith the outcomes of IVF-ET by comparing the characters of patients in differentsituations, so as to guide to improve the IVF-ET ourtcomes and to provide scientificevidences.Methods: Recpective study was performed to collect informations of344patients who receivd IVF-ET between May in2009to December in2012in onehospital in Changchun city. Incidences of various outcomes were calculated.Chi-square test and Fish’s test were used to find related factors of pregnancy rate forcategorical variables; t test or rank sum test were used to find related factors ofpregnancy rate for measurement data; rank sum test was used to compare differentgroups of ranked data. Factors which P≤0.2in univariate analysis or were greatsignificant in medicine were included in multivariate logistic regression analysis.Results:(1) Among344subjects, incidence of pregnancy was26.2%, incidence of clinicalpregnancy was22.1%, incidence of delivery was16.0%, incidence of extrauterinepregnancy was2.32%, and incidence of abortion was4.07%.(2) After adjusting potential bias, age and grade of embryo were independent riskfactors of pregnancy. Patients more than35years old had2.31times risk than whowere less than or equal to35years old (OR=2.31,95%CI:1.28~4.17). As thedecreasing of the grade of embryo, the risk of unsuccessful pregnancy would raised0.42times (OR=1.42,95%CI:1.01~2.00).(3) After adjusting potential bias, T level was independent risk factors of clinicalpregnancy. Patients whose T level was not in the normal range would have8.71timesrisk to suffere biochemicalpregnancy than those whose T level was in normal ranges(OR=8.71,95%CI:1.06~71.90). Conclusion: Age more than35years old and low grade of embyo wereindependent risk factors of pregnancy; abnormal T level was independent risk factorsof clinical pregnancy. Infertile patients were suggested to early dectection. Raising thegrade of embyo and improving the hormone levels should be paid attention to raise thesuccess of IVF-ET.

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