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On the Education Policies Work of Communist Party of China During the Agrarian Revolution Wartime

Author GeZuo
Tutor ZhangHong
School Guangxi Normal University
Course CPC's history
Keywords Land Revolution Communist Party of China Education policy Implement Revelation
CLC D239
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Democratic revolution, the Communist Party of China was founded in the revolutionary base of education and the development of the proletariat, its very important position in the history of education in China, and the educational principles and policies formulated by the Communist Party of China is the service for this period of education . Not only does it guarantee the Soviet area of ??education in the right direction, but a significant and positive effect on the to support Agrarian Revolutionary War, the development of productive forces, enhance the ideological consciousness of the masses of workers and peasants and Red Army and cultural qualities of so played. The thesis is divided into four parts. On the theory of the first part of the historical background and the necessity of the development of policy on education policy of the Communist Party of China. Formal education began under the leadership of the Communist Party of China in the first KMT-CPC cooperation after the failure of the White Terror of the Communist Party of China, the focus of the revolutionary transferred from the city to rural areas, and the establishment of a revolutionary base. KMT military continues to \In order to awaken the masses of workers and peasants to participate in the enthusiasm of the agrarian revolution, the Red Army's political and military quality, and develop all aspects of personnel, the establishment of the Communist Party of China and carried out the cause of education, and to develop a series of educational principles and policies for the revolutionary base building. The second part is the main content of the guidelines and policies of the Chinese Communist Party, Agrarian Revolution developed education Dynasty. Chinese Communist Party, under the guidance of Marxist-Leninist ideology, has developed a series of principles and policies of the Soviet Area Education: educational policy for the Agrarian Revolutionary War service; protect the worker and peasant masses education policy; combining education with productive labor policy; using the spirit of communism policy of educating the masses; rely on the masses of the the flexible school's policy and the use of the old intellectuals, policy, and so on. Education policy and the policy has a universal, directivity, and democracy. Literature research method used in this chapter, the reference to the Communist Party of China early and authoritative information to carry out a more detailed explanation of the various principles and policies. The third part is the theory analysis Agrarian Revolution educational principles and policies of the Chinese Communist Party in the Soviet area of ??implementation and the experience gained. Communist Party of China attaches great importance to education, despite the very difficult conditions in Soviet Area, but the educational principles and policies formulated by the Communist Party of China in an orderly manner under the joint efforts of the Party and the masses to carry out together and achieved fruitful results. This chapter discusses four aspects from the cadre education, the education of the masses of workers and peasants, children's education, and the Red Army Education embodiment and method of education. The same time, the experience gained in the implementation of the policy on education policy meticulous summarized contemporary education can learn from, including: strengthening the party's leadership education, adhere to the correct direction of running; combining education with productive labor; emphasis on Education team building; rely on the masses sponsoring thrift schools, flexible school; reform the teaching contents and methods, to make to adapt to the needs of the times. This part is the conclusion of this article, is a contemporary sources of rural education learn from the experience of the Soviet Area Education at. Part IV discusses the principles and policies of the Communist Party of China Education Agrarian Revolution revelation of contemporary rural education. The development of rural education have been the weak link of the development of education in China, the main problem is the rural conditions are relatively poor, also a relative shortage of funding for education, but the contrast when the Soviet area of ??education conditions but starker. This chapter describes the current status quo of rural education, and learn from the Soviet area of ??education experience to put forward a few suggestions. This is also the purpose of this thesis.

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