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Physical Education Colleges and Universities of Henan Province of Professional Sports Dance Studies Elective Teaching Status and Countermeasures

Author WangLiLi
Tutor ZuoXinMao
School Henan University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Henan Higher Physical Education Major DanceSport elective Teaching Situation
CLC G832-4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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DanceSport is a both a cultural and artistic connotation another sports competition in the form of sports, although it passed in our time is short, but growing fast. With the progress of modern society, the launching of fitness activities, community once set off a dance craze of sports. Craze attention because of its broad impact on the university campus, 1987 State Board of Education for the College Sports added DanceSport courses in physical education in some universities also increased DanceSport. Just a few years has been the rapid popularization and promotion, to become another important form of college students to participate in sports activities and cultural activities on campus. The past ten years, DanceSport has entered the classroom of Henan College Sports and along with the rapid development. DanceSport \However, the research found in Henan Higher sports dance teaching there are many problems, such as caused due to the deviation of the understanding of the concept of DanceSport DanceSport Teaching objectives, lesson plans, teaching content, teaching arrangements and so the lack of scientific and rationality, DanceSport faculty with weak research and thinking on these issues, it is conducive to sports dance lessons at the University of Physical Education Classroom able to smoothly and efficiently carried out. From this perspective, the paper, the investigation for of Henan college sports dance lessons the status quo, a comprehensive analysis of the integrity and effectiveness of Henan College Sports Dance teaching content, and then come up with strategies aimed at the development of college sports dance theoretical basis. College sports dance lessons in Henan Province to carry out the study, found that there are several aspects of the problem: 1. DanceSport as a new sports project, much the students loved the Henan Higher commencement rate higher, has become the Henan College Sports Electives popular courses trends to rise. 2 At present the vast majority of college students the DanceSport elective teaching situation are more satisfied, but due to a few lessons, content, venue facilities are not perfect, and student cognition, teacher quality and other factors, so that part of the The students hope to further improve the desire can not be met. In terms of teaching content, the widespread teaching content single, the content is not rich, it is difficult to stimulate students interest in learning DanceSport. Henan Higher Education the DanceSport teachers most are from other professional turn, the faculty is relatively weak. 5. Currently Henan Province, college sports dance lessons also no uniform teaching materials, teachers of colleges and universities are in accordance with the relevant information combined school scheduled action. Henan Province, most college sports dance elective class in general are less, resulting in a long time interval between the two lessons, which affect of DanceSport teaching content to master. DanceSport theoretical knowledge to impart enough, most of the schools do not have sports dance theory courses, only a handful of schools have 1-2 hours of theory courses, due to the lack of theoretical support, students can not fully understand DanceSport inherent meaning, is not conducive to the smooth development of the teaching activities. The appraisal is not perfect. 9. Extracurricular activities carried out is not good enough. Propose a solution of the papers on the factors that affect the Henan University DanceSport elective teaching situation: (1) focus on of DanceSport teachers ability and the training of professionals; (2) the perfect venue facilities; (3) specification textbook system; (4 ) extra class to enrich the teaching content; (5) to strengthen imparting theoretical knowledge, so that students fully understand the connotation of DanceSport; (6) to step up publicity efforts to increase students' interest; (7) increase the learning of auxiliary teaching content; (8 ) to optimize student assessment and evaluation system; (9) active in extra-curricular activities, to create the artistic atmosphere of the campus dance culture.

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