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Study on Association of HLA Alleles with Psoriasis Vulgaris in Mongol Ethnic Group from Inner Mongolia

Author LiLiZhong
Tutor SunLi
Course Dermatology and Venereology
Keywords Psoriasis HLA Mongol nationality PCR-SSP
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Psoriasis (Ps) is a chronic hyperproliferative inflammatory disease of the skin, which ischaracterized by erythema and thick silvery white scales, and affected by a variety of factors,such as genetic, immune, geographical and ethnic. Its prevalence is about2%-5%in Europeand United States population, while0.1%-0.3%in chinese. It is estimated that domesticpsoriasis patients has more than3million. Recently, there is not an effect way to curepsoriasis completely in clinical. So, it not only influences the life quality, but also threats tothe lives of patients. Therefore, it is essential to explore the pathogenesis of this disease, andseek a thorough and effective treatment. Objective To study the interrelationship betweenHLA-Cw0602/-DQB1and psoriasis vulgaris in the Mongolian nationality in Inner Mongolia,and to find susceptibility gene of psoriasis associated with Mongolian population. MethodsUsing high-resolution polymerase chain reaction amplification with sequence specific primers(PCR-SSP),we detected the distribution frequencies of HLA-Cw*0602/-DQB1allele among65cases with Pv and60healthy controls from Mongolian in Inner Mongolia, Frequencydifferences of two sets of genotyping results allele was analysised using χ~2test of SPSS13.0statistical software. Results①The frequencies of HLA-Cw*0602and DQB1*0201in casewere higher than healthy controls,the differences were significant(Cw*0602:17.69%vs6.67%χ~2=6.983,OR=3.560P=0.008;DQB1*0201:19.23%vs9.17%χ~2=5.127OR=2.784P=0.024),HLA-DQB1*0301allele was significantly lower in the group of patients with psoriasis groupthan healthy cntrols (DQB1*0301:1.54%vs9.17%χ~2=7.366OR=0.141P=0.007);②H LA-Cw*0602and DQB1*0201were significantly higher in type I psoriasis patients (ageof onset<40years old)(Cw*0602:17.69%vs6.67%χ~2=8.054OR=4.117P=0.005;DQB1*0201:23.47%vs9.17%χ~2=8.383OR=3.941P=0.004);③HLA-Cw*0602and DQB1alleles were significantly higher in a positive family history of psoriasis patients group(Cw*0602:27.78%vs6.67%χ~2=12.091OR=8.125P=0.002; DQB1*0201:22.22%vs9.17%χ~2=4.413OR=3.564P=0.045). Conclusion①HLA-Cw*0602and DQB1*0201may be the susceptible alleles or association with susceptible alleles of Pv in Mongolian nationality inInner Mongolia;②HLA-DQB1*0301allele may be a protection factor to psoriasis vulgarisincidence of Mongolian population in Inner Mongolia, and having an effect to preventing orprotective psoriasis occurred in the Mongolian population;③H LA-Cw*0602andDQB1*0201allele may be a susceptibility gene of type I psoriasis (age of onset <40yearsold);④T here may be a difference in genetic background between psoriasis patientswith andwithout family history.

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