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Study on the Antidepressive Mechanism of Xiaoyuanshen Capsule

Author WeiLiJia
Tutor YangJunQing
School Chongqing Medical University
Course Pharmacology
Keywords depression chronic unpredictable mild stress inflammatoryfactor Oxidative stress XiaoYuAnshen Capsule
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Aim:To observe the effect of XiaoYuAnshen Capsule on depressive behaviorof rats induced by chronic mild unpredictable stress and explore thepossible mechanisms of antidepression.Methods:(1)Adult male SD rats were randomly divided into six groups: thenormal group, the model group, sertraline group (5mg·kg-1),XiaoYuAnshen capsule5,10and20mg·kg-1groups. Unpredictable chronicmild stress was adopted to work with isolated feed method to prepare ratmodel of depression. Drugs were chronically administered to the rats for21days after stress procedure. The model group and normal group were givenan equal volume of0.3%sodium carboxymethyl cellulose solution.Sertraline and the crude drug of XiaoYuAnshen capsule are made up with0.3%CMC-Na solution.(2) The open-field test, forced swimming test and Morris water mazewere used to determine the changes of behaviors of rats. The changes of SOD activity and MDA in the Hippocamp of Rats were analyzed throughbiochemical detection. IL-6, IL-1and TNF-α levels were detected bymethod of ELISA. The morphological changes of rats’ hippocampalneurons are observed by HE staining histopathology. BDNF, SYP,5-HT1Aand PSD-95are detected by immunohistochemical staining.Results: Compared with the rats in the normal group, the time those inthe model group keep stationary in the forced swimming test significantlyincreases, the time the central lattice stays in the open-field and the latencyto find the terminal platform in Morris water maze test are prolonged, whilethe number of vertical motion is reduced. The levels of MDA, IL-6, IL-1and TNF-α in the hippocamp and cortex of rats have significantly increase,and SOD activity significantly decreased in model group compared withnormal group. The rats begin to suffer nuclear pyknosis and the loss of theirhippocampal nerve cells. SYP, BDNF,5-HT1A receptor and PSD-95protein have all decreased.XiaoYuAnshen capsule can remarkably improve the depressivebehaviors of the rats and repair the damaged hippocampal neurons of therats to a certain extent. It can obviously enhance the activity of SOD in thehippocampus of rats as well as decrease the amount of MDA, IL-6, TNF-αand IL-1. The drug can increase the expression of SYP, BDNF,5-HT1Areceptor and PSD-95in the hippocampal tissues.Conclusions: XiaoYuAnshen capsule is able to decrease the depressive behaviors of rats induced by chronic mild unpredictable stress.The drug’s anti-inflammatory effect, antioxidation, and its ability to reducethe damage of the hippocampal neurons may be involved in its protectivemechanism.

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