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The Preliminary Research of the Protective Effect of Halofuginone on the Radioactive Rectum Fibrosis in Rats

Author ZhangZuoZuo
Tutor LiGuiLing
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Oncology
Keywords radioactive rectal injury radioactive rectal fibrosis halofuginone TGF-β1 type I collagen
CLC R965
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Objective: Observe the protective effect of halofuginone in the SD rat radioactiverectum fibrosis.Method:48SD rats were randomly divided into four groups: No radiotherapy+saline (groupC); Radiotherapy+saline (groupR);Radiotherapy+low-dosehalofuginone gavage (groupH1);Radiotherapy+high-dose halofuginone gavage(groupH2).Except group C, all the rats’ pelvic were accepted18.5Gy radiotherapy.The rats’ gavage was once per day after radiotherapy, the rats were killed on1week,1month,3month,and4month after radiotherapy. We detected rectal diameter by avernier caliper, and used HE and Masson staining pathological examination to checkthe rectal specimens under microscope, used western-blot to detect TGF-β1proteinand Real time PCR to detect type I collagen, TGF-β1expression.Result: Rats’ rectum diameter increased after radiotherapy. Halofuginone didn’treduce the enlargement of the rats’ rectum diameter. HE staining showed us that theinflammatory cells infiltrated and glands reduced across the rat rectal tissue afterradiotherapy, halofuginone maybe can reduce the loss of glands at one month after radiotherapy, but the difference had no statistically significance. The Masson stainingShowed: the rat rectum fiber deposition increased after radiotherapy, andhalofuginone could reduce fiber deposition. Western-blot results showed that: TGF-β1expression of the rat rectum was significantly increased after radiotherapy,halofuginone lowered its expression, and with dose increased, TGF-β1expressiondecreased more obviously, and this was statistically significant. Real time PCR resultsshowed that: radiotherapy raised type I collagen and TGF-β1expression,halofuginone could inhibit the two expression, and with dose increases, inhibitingability enhanced, the difference was statistically significant.Conclusion: Halofuginone has some protective effect on radioactive rectum fibrosisvia inhibiting the expression of TGF-β1in rats, and the effect can be enhanced withincreasing dose of halofuginone. But the function of halofuginone for earlyradioactive inflammation still need further study to confirm.

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