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Research on Waterscape Designing in the Modern Square Landscape

Author LiuFangFang
Tutor LvQinZhi
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Waterscape designing The modern square landscape The way of waterscape designing
CLC TU986.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The design of waterscape in the modern square landscape is to enhance the competitiveness of the city and to improve the living environment and realize sustainable urban development on the premise and the foundation. The Unique design of waterscape is to ensure the city landscape, that both waterscape and men coordinates the development of the focus of the city is to achieve the necessary conditions for development. In this paper, in a modern landscape square on the rationale waterscape as the theme, the relationship between waterscape and square as the core, and to explore town plaza in the use of waterscape resources in the landscape, how to study landscape design for both water and people maintain a total of - development of the relations.Introduction Chapter 1 is on the background and significance of research to determine the main research and research methods, with the relevant papers to some of the basic concepts, and then highlighted the significance of papers and research framework.The second chapter in the modern landscape design for the design of waterscape cognitive analysis. The first is waterscape designing on the attributes and characteristics, and then on the type of Water and influencing factors.Chapter III from the perspective of epistemology explore traditional and modern waterscape designing creative thinking, analysis and justification for extension of the traditional waterscape designing, and the philosophy of waterscape exploration and aesthetic evolution. For the extension of the traditional chapters, the first focus on the traditional question of succession, the rationale for re-analyzing the water as embodied in the philosophical thought, and then explore the aesthetic aesthetic object contrast with the main aesthetic change, and the main object of aesthetic transcendence of evolution, traditional and the modern reincarnation cyclical. Expect to grasp the general direction of the aesthetic waterscape designing trend.Chapter IV clarify modern city square space in the waterscape on the way, based on the square space is divided into a plaza of waterscape designing features of the spatial structure of the summary, and then based on the performance of Square cultural connotation of human nature and the times, Context Square-inspired waterscape designing. Finally Based on the Square fountains create a body of waterscape designing features from the two forms and practices were discussed waterscape design methodology level, the ground water system to provide scientific and practical recommendations. In short, this chapter is the case with arguments put forward at the water main method is through material and technical means, and exploring the development of waterscape designing at the general law to enhance the aesthetic quality of urban space, the water from the natural landscape and ecological, social and ecological aspects of the two achieving sustainable development, the city should create ecological value and aesthetic value.Chapter V of the modern plaza waterscape designing enhance the value of the design, this chapter from the social and physical attributes of men , attributes the design to define the measure of value that is both humane scale and nature scale. In the second part of the natural scale, the proposed waterscape designing the ecological value of the concept, the text of the ecological landscape of the waterscape designing into“basic ecology,”“landscape ecology”and“aesthetic ecology”were three levels to be addressed.The full text of epistemology and methodology from the level of propositions and justified on the innovative design of waterscape on the way. aesthetics and landscape from the perspective of landscape ecology at waterscape analysis in the square in the role of the organization, design and construction elements of that landscape in the square on the rationale for public place waterscape designing in landscape design inspiration

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