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Zhu Guangqian "Literary Psychology" Thought

Author TangZuo
Tutor GuoYuLie
School Northwest University for Nationalities
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Zhu Guangqian Aesthetic psychology ideology Literature and art investigativ
CLC I0-05
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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"Literary psychology" is the first aesthetic psychology comparison system works, it only marks the establishment of Mr. Zhu Guangqian aesthetic system, representing the aesthetic psychology studies at the highest level, but also indicates that China has initially formed literary psychological disciplines. This book is from a psychological point of view to examine the United States, the U.S. study, and also tell us what is beautiful. Proposed and in-depth analysis of the "aesthetic experience" issue, respectively, from the "image of the intuition,""psychological distance","I have the same thing,""beauty and physical" aspects of theoretical research. System introduced modern Western aesthetic theory, through theoretical concepts of Western criticism and transformation of traditional Chinese aesthetics and modern Western aesthetic theory concept of mutual integration, erected across an ancient and modern, Chinese and Western communication bridge. And that "Aesthetic Intuition","Aesthetic Distance" and "aesthetic same things I say" three modern aesthetic psychology of aesthetic theory formation, resulting in a huge impact and effect.All along, the Chinese American Scholars Mr. Zhu Guangqian scholars in the study of aesthetics, most is Mr. Zhu Guangqian general aesthetic ideology research, particularly focused on after he accepted the Marxist aesthetic theory research, and Mr. Zhu Guangqian with Western comparative study of theoretical relationship. Zhu Guangqian "literary psychology" is the important part of aesthetics, currently has its research, but mostly single article discusses the angle is relatively single, most of the content discussed in literary psychology thought Mr. Zhu Guangqian a certain side, a comprehensive and systematic study is relatively small. In view of this, I will Zhu Guangqian literary Psychology in-depth study of the "literary psychology" this book as the main research object, The Formation of the three basic psychological theory of ideology as the main research topics, from Zhu Guangqian thought of literary Psychology status and content of angles, against its ideological and theoretical origins, core, uniqueness and contribution and influence of superficial discussed.

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