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An Initial Exploration to the Literary Poetic

Author XiaSiXiang
Tutor HuangNianRan
School Central China Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords poetry poetic wisdom poetic form content
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Poetry was originally come from the evaluation system of classical poetry in China,which used as a literary discourse and aesthetic category.In the west, poetry is more thinking from the perspective of aesthetics, pointing to an aesthetic way of life.Generally speaking, as a basic concept, poetry must be defined first in the theory of poetry, literary and even the art.However,in current times,poetry seems to easily abused inadvertently. Chinese literature, to a certain extent,are marching on the road away from the poetic bleak,facing the test of exhaustion and excess", experiencing a struggle process to make ends meet.Around the words "poetry",this thesis investigate its origin and development along the longitudinal development cycle of human history, and makes a detailed interpretation from two aspects of form and content. The content is divided into three chapters, as follows:The first chapter draw on the experience of research method of Anthropology of art style, discusses the historical origin of poetry in human evolution. The emergence of poetry can be traced back to the primitive period, Vico mentioned the concept of "poetic wisdom" in his book "new science",that is the wisdom of original ancestors interpret the world by vitality and imagination."Poetic wisdom" is a common mental mechanism of human when the poetry’s first arise, simple life consciousness and luxuriant imagination is the original meaning of poetry. Accompanied by witchcraft and consciously artistic creation, the poetic is translated from a metaphysical abstraction to reality. With the development of productivity, on the one hand,the way of human thinking and cognitive ability is become mature gradually, get rid of the world view that human live with God and the thought of life homogeneous, on the other,the concern on the life and existence is increasingly prominent, poetry became the eternal pursuit of all kinds of art include literature,The second chapter discusses the basic characteristics of the poetic language forms of literature from two aspects:"return" and "poetic".The Russian formalist critic Jacobsen put forward the "literariness",think that literature is the literary language and characters, although there is a certain one sidedness, undoubtedly language plays an important role in literature. Poetic space of literature is constructed according to the poetic logic of certain by language. As a material bearing body of literary poetic,the poetic language links the mind and body, man and the world, extant and paradise together.in the abstract poetic space which constructed by language,everything is hazy and clear, which has always made endless emotion connotation,and touch the soul of everyone’s heart so forcefully.In the third chapter, analyze the essence of poetry from three aspects:"the natural world","the soul of the world," and "the other world".In current times, the network literature, micro literature, impromptu verse, which have not regard aesthetic as the only standard of literature, it is difficult to difine the " meaning of aesthetic" as the essential attribute of literature. What is clear is that, however the content of literature broadening, as long as the human spiritual fountain not dried up,the quest for the "law of beauty" by poetic literature will not stop, and the beauty of poetic in "the natural world","the mind world" and "the other side of the world" will also become the theme of literature.In the last part of the article, the vision of this thesis return to external reality, not only echo and supply the introduction, but also based on the integrated literature system of express,covey and receive, trying to peer into the existence of literary poetic on the current age.

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