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Historical Context and Critical Consciousness

Author DaiYan
Tutor ZhangBing
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Jameson research on presentation of Jameson’s literary and aestheticsthought historical context critical consciousness
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Frederic Jameson’s literary and aesthetics thought has been a hot topic fordomestic academic research since1985, the first time he came to China and gave aspeech at Beijing University. Numbers of papers published annually in academicjournals are referred to his books such as Post-modernism and Cultural Theory,Political Unconscious and Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism etc. There are threereasons why we are so interested with Jameson’s literary and aesthetics thought, firstis his identity from the communicator of post-modernism theory, the second is due tohis stand of Marxist believers, the last is for his sympathy toward Third Worldcountries, including China. A large number of references to Jameson’s literary andaesthetics thought are closely related to our situation in a particular historical context,the handling of this situation constitutes a perspective reference to our criticism ofJameson.Containing all of the views from domestic researchers on Jameson’s thought,this paper is constituted by3parts which are divided into three periods. The first partis named into the period of positive introduction of Jameson’s literary and aestheticsthought in the last century late80’s, the author gave a specifically analysis on thehistorical opportunity that Jameson’s thought initially entered domestic academiccircle. The second period is for the selective acceptance of Jameson’s literary andaesthetics thought in the last century90’s, mainly focused on the different perspectivefrom domestic researchers on presenting Jameson’s thought which due to thehistorical reasons behind. The third period is the shift of study on Jameson’s literaryand aesthetics thought, the author primarily addressed why is in the context ofglobalization that scholars have a brand-new perspective on Jameson’s literary andaesthetics thought.Finally, the author expressed her views on the30years of domestic research onJameson’s literary and aesthetics thought. In the sense epistemology, we graduallyenter into the rational phase of study on the thought of Jameson, evaluations arecarried out on the theoretical value of Jameson’s literary and aesthetics thought. Butwe can not ignore the fact that our study on Jameson’s literary and aesthetics thoughthave still not entered into theoretical innovation. The reason is that the domesticscholars are unable to change Jameson’s literary and aesthetics thought into dialecticalinterpretation of the situation we faced; therefore it is difficult to construct a theory tosolve the issues with which we are expected to handle.

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