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"Ugliness and Carnival Phenomenon"in the Contemporary

Author DongXiaoYan
Tutor DiHuanNing
School Northwest University for Nationalities
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Ugly ugliness beauty aesthetic consumerism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With modern industrial civilization alienation of the human spirit, the human self-consciousness awakening,"ugly" included in the aesthetic field, as a special kind of aesthetic category, the area also broke through the pursuit of the single "beauty", to focus on ugly. The development of the "ugly" enter climax stage, become the core of the field of literature and art performance. To affirm the status of the "ugly" under the premise of the "ugly" at the "ugliness" is more and more attention and recognition.The concept of "ugliness" has a profound historical background. One is the introduction of western theory of ugly and works of contemporary Chinese writers in the literary creation had a profound influence, such as the basement’s handbook of Dostoevsky. baudelaire’s flowers of evil and so on a large number of works;. Second, China’s cultural revolution, by the people’s spiritual beliefs, exposed by the ugliness of human nature as the "ugliness" provides the true story of his works as prototype, three is increasingly secular society makes the existence of the "ugly" got some kind of rationality, the diversification of human needs "ugliness" is no longer a nonsense. So a lot of "ugly" theme of works. Originally "ugliness" is positive, it is through self against the "ugliness" approach to realize self-salvation, but in today’s society in our country is faced with the special period of economic and cultural transformation, under the influence of consumerism values, society has appeared in every area of some kind of "ugliness" phenomenon, distort the "ugliness"."Sister lotus" as the representative of the rise of "network ou like"; Feminist writer "body writing" of narrative, the film "ugly" theme of digging the phenomenon such as starting a "ugliness and carnival" trend. This paper mainly through the contemporary phenomenon of "ugliness" to analyze the profound reasons are behind in order to trigger a mass of reflection, guide the public to explore, set up the correct values.

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