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The similarities and differences between the western narrative space - on to "Liaozhai, painted wall" and "the mark on the wall" as an example

Author LiuZuo
Tutor ZhaoXiaoLei
School Northwestern University
Course Aesthetics
Keywords narrative space comparison narrative techniques narrative view
CLC I054
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Recently, narrative space is more and more popular, scholars from different fields are studying on it. And the theory of narrative space in western countries gradually becomes systematic since the study initiated by Frank, consequently, scholars is discussing on the spatial issues appearing in the western modern novels. Although there is no complete system of narrative space in china, the distinct spatial features in Chinese classic novels can’t be neglected. Basing on this background, the paper attempts to study the Space Narrative theories both in china and western countries, and proceeds to compare Chinese space narrative techniques with the western’s comprehensively. In the chapter one, the paper distinguished the narrative view on space-time in ancient China as well as the influence on the literary works at that time caused by this kind of view. For this aspect, the paper proved from the discussions on the spatial techniques of some ancient Chinese novels, for explicitness, it took the novel Mural as an example to analyze its structure and the art of space narration. Then in the second chapter, the paper expounds the characteristics of western space narrative theories by clarifying the background and skeleton of western space narration. As the guiding proof, the paper chose the modern novel The Mark on the Wall, which has the similar structure with Mural to detail the western narrative views reflected from this novel’s structural pattern and spatial art. Finally, in the third chapter, the paper drew a conclusion to state the artistic distinction of the two novels, though they have approximate space structure. Relating to the two novels analyzed above, the paper inferred the artistic features presented by space narration both in Chinese and western novels. Furthermore, the paper combined some Chinese and western certain texts to summarize the techniques for dealing with space issues.

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