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The Study of "Polyphonic Novel"

Author CaoYingChun
Tutor LiYongJian
School Huaibei Normal
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Polyphony Fiction Narrative Criticism
CLC I054
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Soviet scholars Bakhtin summary Tuo Dostoevsky (referred to as"Dostoevsky") novel come to a "polyphonic novel". The theory involves the hero ofthe novel, the author, dialogue, awareness, and so on. After the theory "polyphonicnovel" came into China, which brings a new perspective to Chinese novels and fiction,and it also prompted many Chinese scholars to explore this theory. This article fromBakhtin on Dostoevsky novel narrative effect, which combining Dostoyevsky novel,and deep into the theory "polyphonic novel" internal field and to discuss theoreticalissues "polyphonic novel" involved in narrative form and narrative content area.Many domestic fiction theorists has different angle on acceptance to acceptance"polyphonic novel" theory, come from different perspectives on the theory of"polyphonic novel" also existed the attitude of acceptance and denial.Moreover, thedomestic theorists accept the "polyphonic novel" theory does not delve into the"polyphonic novel" narrative about the content, methods and ideas, this article willsummarize Bakhtin’s theory of domestic scholars "polyphonic novel" to accept thesituation and grasp the various aspects of "polyphonic novel" theory from thenarrative point of view, and thus the domestic scholars to make a correctunderstanding of the acceptance status of this theory. On the other hand, After thedomestic scholars has accepted the theory of "polyphonic novel",they had startedcommented on a number of domestic fiction of writers from the creative aspects,andthe comments were different. We will combine for "polyphonic novel" depthdiscussion the first part of this article, comments related to domestic fiction analyze awhole sought a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the relationshipbetween the theory of "polyphonic novel" domestic novels and fiction reviews thus we has a correct understanding of domestic fiction novels and comments.The four specific sides as follows: on Bakhtin’s expatiation in the "polyphonic"concept and the domestic Chinese theorists acceptance of this theory; see the"polyphonic" the profound meaning of the narrative from the perspective of science,summarizes "polyphonic novel" the pros and cons of the narrative; reading aboutpeople’s "subjectivity" school construction and digestion, who thought of "polyphonicnovel" contains ideologically; theory "polyphonic novel" In the field of domesticfiction criticism profiles, analyzed the domestic fiction works in the "polyphonic"issue, which had summarized Chinese novels and fiction and the "Polyphony"phenomenon in it.

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