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The Formal Analysis of J.C. Ransom's Poetry Theory

Author TanShanShan
Tutor ZhouXiuPing
School Xiangtan University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords poetry formal analysis the world’s body
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Paper firstly from the points of “thing like”,“available reference” and “theobject” in Ransom’s theory to analysis the elements forced the theory formationwhich involved T. S. Eliot’s depersonalization theory, I. A. Richards’ semantics theoryand the capitalistic economy impact on the physical and mental human begins. Thebackground analysis divided into historical and individual lines to explain.Secondly, paper analysis the formal meaning of the world’s body, which could beregard as a poetic imitation in language way as well as a sensible distance means ofexpression. The two parts could form as the value of Ransom’s poetic formal analysisand closely together with the formal analysis methodology in language backgroundand means of reference. Thingness come from the sentimental formal expression ofpoetic language, and the linguistic feature constitute the unique way of poetic form ofimitation, the sentimental form of the world’s body express the aesthetic characteristicin the way of distance, which could naturally lead to the formal practice of sensibility.As it should rely on the specific object to express the sentimental value, the chosenobjects constitute the world’s body.Based on the above, paper thirdly discussed the specific methods in analysispoetry which involved structure-texture method, soul-meaning method and symbolic-image method. Poetry has abundant language such as metaphor, irony, paradox toconstruct the poetry structure, which embedded texture in the structure tension. AsRansom thoughts, we need to dig texture in a structure obvious poetry and constructthe logic structure with texture fullness. Structure and texture always comes along in apoetry dialogue. At the meantime, the form of poetry could be regards as the paradoxconflict and dispel during the poetic construction which could reform thesoul-meaning method. What is more, poetry is a symbolic discourse with imagethought, and then it is necessary to analysis in the symbolic image method.Understanding Ransom’s poetry in formal angle could not only avoid theanalysis gap between the ontology and objective criticism, but also combine thepoetic theory and poetic criticism into a unified logical formalism analysis. InRansom’s poetic theory, poetic form transcends the only means, came into being avulnerable world and subjection value. Because of it, the poet had ability to protectthe freedom of poetry and fight against the outside voice with independent position. The traditional poetic theory should transform to the modern form expression tosurvival longer. And the essence of formal analysis of poetry is recovering thesentimental world and restoring the heterogeneous colored world’s body.

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