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The Concept "Wandering Viewpoint" of Iser

Author YinZuoHai
Tutor JiangZeYang
School Inner Mongolia Normal
Course Literature and Art
Keywords wandering viewpoint Literary works Implied readerReading activities three forming an organic whole
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Wol.fgang Iser opened up a vast sky for accepting aesthetics by his reading phenomenological theory. The " wandering viewpoint "is the key of the theory of phenomenology reading. And the wandering viewpoint " as the center of phenomenology text, phenomenology reader, and reading process, and make them become to the three forming an organic whole The " wandering viewpoint put forward, with much accumulation of theory, which including Husserl’s " inner sense of time " theory and Ingarden’s reading time perspective ". So the " wandering viewpoint " theoretical has it’s basis. As Iser’s opinions, the participantsis of the wandering viewpoint " are phenomenological text (literary works) and phenomenological reader (implied readers). It is in the reading process as text internal point of view the order in accordance with the text sentence mobile. In " wandering viewpoint " of the operation process, the " passive comprehensive and the " consistent building up " which the internal structure of " wandering viewpoint " are happening at the same time. And the two jointly construction significance of reading. But only reading with " wandering viewpoint " of operation, the text can be phenomenological text and reader can become phenomenology In that ease,reading will be susseed.Because" wandering viewpoint" of the operation is a kind of intentionality activities,the reality of the reader and enter into the activitie of phenomenology intentionality,thus forming a phenomenology of reading process.However,Lser’s theory has it’ s something wrong oviously. The text structure,penomenology readers and reading model there has some theoretical defects.Many studier have been discussed In different levels.It also affected"wandering viewpoint". Although it has various defects,through with" wandering viewpoint " as the core of thephenomenological theory construction,reading will read the reduction,and it to come out to the reading of essential intuition.

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