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Exploration Artistic Creation of "True Personality"

Author LiZuoNing
Tutor SongXueMei
School Shanxi Normal University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Artistic creation true personality Traditional Culture Education Missing Humanity
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Art is the art of the artist through a special medium, the mindwould like to express content into a work process. Freedom ofartistic creativity is a human fundamentally speaking, a work of artfrom the beginning of creation to the completion of the works,including a lot of factors, including the artist’s temperament,creative techniques, the artist ’s own work of art and culturalenrichment are itself inextricably linked. The rapid development oftoday’s society, people are works of art in the inner spiritual andaesthetic concepts also rising, artistic creation becomes more andmore non-missing sincere, good faith is the art of the " true nature" in Chinese traditional culture, from Wisdom of Confucius letter toZhuangzi "true" supreme appeal, where " true nature" is the impactof personality factors in artistic creation, by the influence oftraditional Chinese culture, is a show of humanity. In this paper artin the " true nature " and " Chinese traditional culture" as a researchsubject, locate the " true nature " of history source, analyze " truenature" of the artists theory, the true traditional Chinese culturedisposition study. First, the true self is the perfect show ofhumanity, the subjective is the true nature, subject to the objective of traditional Chinese culture influence, the subjective andobjective true nature comparative studies; Second, the true natureof the artist, this paper respectively Lv Jingren, Jin Daiqiang, LinHuaimin, IM Pei, Wu Guanzhong al artwork and creative ideas toanalyze, several masters in their respective fields with technicallanguage to express the profound traditional Chinese culture,comparing similarities and differences between each, from Chinatraditional culture, creative ideas, such as perspective of their ownideas; Third, the true nature of artistic creation is missing, in fact,is the lack of Chinese traditional culture, is the lack of a culture ofaccomplishment, no cultural enrichment of art can not move peopleartistic creation of the " true nature " by the Chinese traditionalculture nurtured; Fourth, our contemporary problems in arteducation, art education actually missing is the lack of Chinesetraditional culture, education, ethics education from childhood tocollege education analysis, China the influence of traditionalculture and education of contemporary art education; V. inherentartistic soul is missing, the artists own problems, lack of traditionalculture in today’s social identity, no culture of confidence, with thehelp of foreign technical language of multiculturalism, focus onlyon the form of performance, thereby ignoring the demands of theheart; through five points above the current situation ofcontemporary Chinese art of thinking, there is only art on theirtables to reflect on the lack of Chinese contemporary art inexistence, to sum up, and the development of Chinese arteducation and future Exploration, make artistic creation into themore traditional Chinese culture, so that artistic creation into more creators treat the true nature of art, so that the developmenttowards the essence of traditional Chinese culture and art roadhigher realm

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