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An Inquiry into Hakkas Folk Art in Ningdu, a County in Southern Jiangxi

Author SuDan
Tutor ZhengGang
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Ningdu Folk-custom culture of Hakkas Characteristic elements Application of fusion
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In recent years, as the necessity of study and work I’m always out of home forbusiness in most days of the whole year except for Chinese Spring Festival. I titterthat I have got the life I want eventually——a kind of quiet and simple life. But oneor two years later, I began to fidget and the strong lonely feeling often come to mesilently, especially in the holidays. I even began to miss the noise I was tired of andthe red tape I had complained for many times. Perhaps owing to my major, folk artalways pulls my nerves.Finally, I make up my mind to write a paper about hakka folk art culture in myhometown. Firstly, it offers me a chance to deepen my understanding of the folk artwhich I have complained for many times and enhance my feelings to the folk culture.Secondly, I hope that this paper can be a mind bridge that connect me and others whowill fall in love with those cherish and traditional culture; Thirdly, according toexploring the implied traditional philosophy and complicated cultural significancehinding in the NingDu hakka folk art culture, I hope to seek the elements andinspiration of art creature.This article will embark from NingDu hakka folk art culture, focusing on itsorigin and performance forms and at the same time systematically summarizing theapplication of art elements in modern design art area. Inheriting hakka culture,broadening the modern design concept and enriching designing elements are theultimate goals of this study. I will present the related discussion and research by sixchapters. Chapter1is the pre-introduction, which introduces the research background,significance, ideas and methods. Chapter2gives the detailed introduces of the statusand the art value of NingDu hakka folk art culture. Chapter3introduces the typicaland representative hakka folk art culture. Chapter4refines representative elements ofNingDu hakka folk art culture.Chapter5applies these elements into the moderndesigns. The last Chapter is the conclusions and plans, which is a periodic summeryof this thesis.

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