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Application Research of Qin and Han Dynasties Culture in Xi'an Metro Public Art

Author LiZuo
Tutor TangYaLi
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Art and Design
Keywords qin and han Dynasties Culture public art xi’an metro traditional regionalculture
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This paper, taking xi ’an metro public art design and production of the actualproject as the background, as part of xi ’an metro line one site within public art as theresearch object,by collating the relevant knowledge of public art and design, combinedwith the characteristics of xi ’an city, the traditional culture and the cultural backgroundof the xi ’an metro line one, by using the theory of public art design principles as a guide,to explore xi ’an metro environment, as a public art in the qin and han dynastiestraditional culture art of the general design rules, to explore the sustainable developmentof traditional culture and art direction. Through concrete practical application of theproject, pointed out the feasibility of the new development of traditional culture and artinnovation route, as in the traditional culture as the foundation of the public art toprovide a general reference. The innovative application of traditional cultural art charm,not only improved the urban regional culture and enrich the unique feelings of subwayspace atmosphere, to alleviate the pressure of the crowd psychology, strengthen thecity’s unique personality and looking for has a positive role in promoting urban sense ofbelonging.This article from the theoretical concept of public art, design elements, withseveral aspects of the qin and the han culture, through sorting and summary of data, andsummed up to be the focus of the information for this article. By the study of somebasic subject knowledge like art and visual perception, the material, color and so on,summarizes the relationship between each factor and contact, to explore the public art in the design of the fusion of traditional culture, development and innovation. In moderncomposition principle, on the basis of in the overall background of the cultureatmosphere of xi ’an metro line one, using modern advanced composition andexpression of art, combined with the material and conception innovation, andintegration of spatial structure, to be both practical and aesthetic feeling, and thatcoincide with the spirit at the same time. Build a suitable underground environment,expressing humanistic care, and reflects the urban sense of belonging, reveal uniquelasting appeal city outstanding public works of art. Qin culture is the art treasure of theChinese nation, in the era of rapid development, inherit and carry forward the traditionalculture and art development has very important significance.

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