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Modeling of Folk Art Elements in the "Chinese Style" Animation Dynamic Performance

Author ChenChen
Tutor WangXiaoShu
School Guangzhou University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Chinese Style The Folk Fine Arts Modeling Dynamic Performance Modern Technology
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Today, to create "Chinese Style" of the film and television animation works, isthat many animation creators goal, create original animation with local style and localculture, can be variously affected each generation of Chinese, make its home-grownideas are more likely to return to, through the animation works with nationalcharacteristics to express the unique cultural connotation and aesthetic orientation andvalues, heritage and carry forward the Chinese long history civilization play animportant significance.Folk art performance forms, and in reality any beautiful things, and people’sunderstanding of themselves and the unique writing skills, creating many new andrich modeling, enrich people’s daily life, and from generation to generation, continuesto thrive and innovation. Folk fine arts modeling distinctive and various forms, it isclose to the life of people, is the art origin of any art form. Which model can not onlyinherit the traditional folk art, can fusion of life, but also with the development of TheTimes rise, it represents the Chinese nation unique performance art.Folk fine artsmodeling freedom, along with the gender, gout, abstract and exaggerated style,symbol, etc, are all interesting visual elements can be added in the animationproduction, animation art turn static modeling survival state is the essentialcharacteristics of art form, can make the audience in the visual and auditory feel theartistic charm of animation. Modeling of folk art elements to create animation itselfplay an important role in our country. With the popularity of computer, the use ofmodern computer technology animated works emerge in endlessly, scenes grand,characters, colorful animation works more in line with modern people’s aestheticdemand.Animation creation in China also needs to be the modeling of folk art andfashion elements integration and innovation, to adapt to the trend of development, tocreate a new vision of national style element symbols, to extend the vitality ofanimation works itself. China’s film and television animation works to create withnew, national, unique, fashionable, rich spiritual concepts and values, to occupy aplace in the world animation market.Based on the characteristics of the folk fine arts modeling, meaning, composition reference folk fine arts modeling element in animation creation, the folk fine artsmodeling element live condition in the form of animation performance on issues suchas. Illustrates China’s outstanding animation for reference and innovation of folk finearts modeling element of successful cases, discusses the folk fine arts modelingelements in the animation to create rich national characteristics of the role andnecessity. For a better inheritance and development of folk art and further on itsin-depth study. Combined with the actual, the folk fine arts modeling and animationcreation to consolidate and practice to provide the corresponding reference.

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