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The Study of Minimalist Applied in Public Art of Subway Station in Xi'an

Author ZhangHua
Tutor TangYaLi
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords minimalism public art Xi’an subway
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Nowadays, with the rapid increasing of current economics and advancedsocialtechnology in this world, development and construction in every field are tending toration and standardization. People begin to study and pay more attention to public spacethey identify with,which possesses opening and abstracts more people to join it,because space where people participate is more and more larger. It is that the articlecreation and environment design in relevant, public art refers to. As thetypicalpublicenvironment, study and application in the public art of subway platformsbecome important in the construction of city. As the window showing view of a city, agood design and harmonious construction in subway station can represent the historyand stage of a city, especially to Xi’an, a complete and mature public art is veryimportant to its appearance of global city.This article taking the subway of Xi’an as the object provides a hypothesis ofcombination of minimalism and public art of city, according to the subway2-line. It willdiscuss in detail in following aspects: firstly, the article taking society, economics,science and technology as beginning, points out the necessary of forming of minimalism,and lists the development of minimalism in the fields of painting and sculpture.Secondly, it clears the concept of minimalism, and emphasizes the characteristics andstyle of minimalism, in addition to the experience during the construction in the homeand broad. Via relative analysis and field survey, according to public art of Xi’ansubway station, it studies the public art of Xi’an subway station, and analysis the currentsituation of creativemethods and problems of minimalism. In this article, it is feasibleand preponderant to take minimalism in the design and construction of subway station.At last, it tends to gives some advice to the construction of public art of Xi’an subwaystation, in order to establish the intuitionisticstudy. To today, our country is developingat the high speed, however, construction of subway has been a important link and Xi’anis so as to. So, though the study of this article to the minimalism, we can take themethod of combination of theoretic hypothesis and field survey, to provide a strongpoint to the public art of Xi’an subway and offer reference to the design of our country’ssubway.

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