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The Art Spirit Research of Nuo Culture in Xiangxi Autonmous Prefecture Laer Mountain Area

Author ChenShu
Tutor WangZhiPing
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Nuo culture Art form Artistic spirit Cultural features and connotation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Based on la son shan miao area of nuo culture as the research object,based on the predecessors research foundation, combined with field examples,the related literature, from the Angle of sociology, religion, art research la sonmountain nuo culture connotation, from a longitudinal study on nuo cultureorigin, spread and development of the region. And from the principle ofaesthetics, the art and the artistic psychology research Angle of art spiritresearch of nuo culture in this region, from the horizontal analysis andresearch on mountain ararat son of nuo culture art form, form, artistic spiritand meaning.In this paper, first of all, can let more people full and comprehensiveunderstanding of this area of the ancient and mysterious nuo culture art.Second, nuo culture art the masses participation, makes it more and morepeople involved, active cultural atmosphere in the region. Again, nuo cultureas a kind of social ideology, can better guide the life and production practice,at the same time, the nuo culture is a religious art, in the service of the humanspirit, can effectively promote the social stability and unity. Finally, the art ofnuo culture, as an ancient and mysterious, all kinds of difficulties in themodern society, this paper tries to find feasible mode for the inheritance anddevelopment.This paper USES the field investigation, literature research, advice anddiscuss the research method of la son mountain of nuo culture spirit of art as the research subject, the region of nuo culture, cultural connotation andcharacteristics, morphological characteristics and social function into theregion’s natural environment, history and culture and customs and habits,comprehensive and in-depth analysis and research, in order to find the regionmorphology, characteristics of nuo culture, art, psychological and deepermeaning.The new viewpoint of this article is that try to from the Angle of artspirit and psychological la son mountain nuo culture on the art form, on theone hand, from a longitudinal study on the origin, spread and inherit of nuoculture in this region, the development and innovation, on the other hand, inthe lateral region of nuo culture art form, characteristic, function and cultureconnotation. Widening the research perspective of nuo culture, as the art ofmiao ancient culture study a hand.

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