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Research on Relativity between Public Art and City Image

Author SunYiDan
Tutor MaBing
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Art of Design
Keywords City Image City Public Art Relativity Harbin
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the accerlation of urbanization,the city’s character and personality is graduallyfading. City public art is the main character of the urban culture, guiding the design of publicart with the city image strategy from overall perspective will be beneficial to shape the cityimage.In this paper, the method of analysis and synthesis is used to research the relationshipbetween the public art in Harbin and Harbin city image, firstly this paper analyzes howHarbin public art shape the city image of Harbin: Harbin public art defines the public space ofcity, highlight the regional nature of pulic space and provide sensory to experience the publicspace, these are the three ways to shape the city layout image of Harbin; Harbin Public Artfrom Harbin Plaza, parks and green spaces, spots of major history incidents, the citycommercial space, urban living space, the regional node as well as the city’s main corridorshape the city functional image of Harbin; the Harbin public art take adavantages of thecombination with local advantageous resources, the integration of the surrounding naturalenvironment and the use of natural elements to shape the city environmental image of Harbin;Harbin public art shape the city cultural image of Harbin through the creating of new symbol,the use of symbolic symbols, the use of the metaphorical symbol; Harbin public art shape theimage of city development of Harbin from both the cultural heritage and the prospect of thefuture. The city space image of Harbin causes the Harbin Public Art has the environmentalintegrity with the surroundings, also the city cultural image of Habin causes the Harbin PublicArt has the stylish integrity with the sorrounding architecture and sculpture, at the same time,the city image of Harbin affect the the shape, material, color and sacle of Harbin Public Art.This paper summarizes the Public Art design principles based on the city image theory:overall design concept, the thematic geographical and cultural characteristics, people-orienteddesign concept. Finally, this paper analysis how the Public Art in Plaza of Daowai Districtalong the Songhua River shape the city image of Harbin. Through the foregoing research onrelativity between public art and city image, this paper analyze the shaping shortage for thecity layout image, the city functional image, as well as the city cultural image, according tothe design principles based on the city image, this paper practices a design of the Public Art inDaowai Disrict along the Songhua River to shape the city image of Harbin in a comprehensive way.

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