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A Research of Graffiti Art in LOFT

Author ZuoJia
Tutor YangHaoZhong
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Art and Design
Keywords graffiti-art loft Chinization LOFT Rong. Innovation park
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Graffiti-art is an art developed from civilian public art, originated from folk andhas well mass base. LOFT graffiti-art’s application and development in old factories,makes the deserted old factory building glows again, and let people experience its joyand cultivate among them. Graffiti-art gets a rapid development in the last10years,and plays more and more important parts in urban public space. It has ainterdependency and inseparable relation with urban public space. Graffiti-art’sexistence and develop rely on urban public space, and the creation and promotion ofurban public space needs the setoff of graffiti-art. So, they are interdependency and havea joint development relation. This thesis starting from this and divided into4sections:Section1, First, make a summary and analysis of graffiti-art, give a cleanknowledge from the origin, development and type, distribution character etc aspects.Then introduce what the LOFT is and the development status in home and abroad. Afterthat, systematically elaborate the emerge, style and the effect and value to society ofLOFT in graffiti-art culture aspect.Section2, based on the first section, study the cause, development and pattern ofmanifestation of graffiti-art in industrial zone, commercial zone, residence zone andother zones, then conclude the inevitability of its application and the influence of LOFTto its surroundings.Section3, make a deep analysis on LOFT Rong. Innovation park. First elaboratethe geographic background and humanistic background,design philosophy and designstrategy of LOFT Rong. Innovation park. Then, meke deep analysis on LOFT Rong.Innovation park in the following5aspects.1. creation carrier: graffiti-art as an assist scenery, are not separate. So, its carrier’smaterial quality, model, color etc limits the form,color, style,and size of graffiti-art. 2. Space relation: spatial distribution of graffiti-art in innovation park,and itsinfluence and function to spatial scenery of the innovation park.3. overall color: regard color scenery theory as the guide theory of graffiti-art.Yellow is a senior color, matching with enthusiastic red, on gray broken walls of oldbuildings will create a sharp visual effects and glorify the scenery more.4. Method use: Methods that LOFT Rong. Innovation park apply are mainly two:whole piece drawing and details draw.5. traditional content: emphasis on the harmonious of graph with the whole publicspace scenery. And it has bright traditional culture charactor, embodies the positivescenery art of Suzhou city, famous historic and cultural city. It has great transmit andpromotion value, make the whole graffiti-art reflects more regionalism charactor.Through specific and careful analysis that we conclude: the economy and societybenefit of graffiti-art in LOFT Rong. Innovation park.Section4: through the analysis of specific case, we could found the graffiti-art hasa wide application prospect. Put regional culture and Chinese traditional culture intograffiti-art and make it with Chinese characteristic. Then summarized the principle andskill of LOFT used in China. Put forward the creative design of LOFT in China, andcreate from5aspects: color use, character, theme, emblazonry, experience method.Make a prospect of LOFT in China. Encourage the graffiti-art develop in adiversification way. Put forward my own opinion on LOFT localization andindividuation, analysis the new trend of graffiti-art, and make graffiti-art graduallybecome mature in China city environment and becomes popular.

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