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The Relaitonship between New Media Art and Human Beings

Author DingMei
Tutor LiBo
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords New Media New Meida Art Relational Aesthetics
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The inner requirement of artistic innovation and the progress of science and technologywhich were brought by technology revolution provide the possibility for the production anddevelopment of new media art. The new media art makes people aware of the special charmof an art mode which extends out of technology. This special charm causes a kind ofmultidimensional artistic language which completely different from traditional artsystem.This language builds up a new perceptual space for human being. The new media arthas a very important influence on human society, culture and life. The relationship betweennew media art and people is very close. Based on the macroscopic background of the historyof art and media, combined with the relational aesthetics and other media theory, this paperdiscusses the relationship between the new media art and human beings, the artisticcharacteristics and significance of new media art. The new media art not only make peoplefeel deeply to the infinite energy science and technology, but also let people to think of theway how to realize human being themselves.First of all, in this paper, I have made a briefly introduction about the definition of newmedia, the characteristics of new media and the development environment of new media. Newmedia is to point to the new media sample state which is supported by the new technology.New media has important influence to the traditional media, social life and public relations.The development of new media has an important meaning to the new media art. Theunceasing change of new media technology affects the development direction of new mediaart directly.Secondly, I have made a systematic research about the background of new media art andthe connotation and the characteristics of the new media art in this paper. New media art is akind of production which combined with art and technology. The development of modernscience and technology provides for the new media art a strong technical support, and manyforms of art theory and different social and cultural background provides for the new mediaart ideas and inspiration of creation. Those characteristics of new media art, just like the multimedia fusion, the simulation property and interactive, make the relationship betweennew media art and human beings much more closed than the relationship between traditionalart and human beings.Again, this paper put forward and analysis of the relational aesthetics in-depth, trying todo some research about the new media art and the relational aesthetics. Make a further explainabout the relationship between the new media art and human beings by doing research of thecontents. Through the new media art aesthetic practice and social practice, to confirm theeffect which construction of social reality and the change of social relations of art work.Finally, according to the relative relationship between new media art and human beings, Imade the new media art into two parts. They are new media art application and new media artexperiment. The new media art application is close to the public and is more familiar bypeople. Relative to the new media art application, new media art experiment is much morelike a kind of personal activities of artist’s. So we can get the concept about the differentrelationship between the new media art and human beings in people’s eyes. That is the newmedia art application is much more nearer than new media experiment to people. But with thepassage of time, the progress of technology and renew ideas of people, new media artexperiment will get closer to people, just as the new media art application. So no matter thenew media art application or the new media art experiment, they are both a part of new mediaart, which is very close to human beings.

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