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The Relationship between New Media Art and Space

Author LiYanZuo
Tutor LiBo
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords new media art language of space creation field cognitive feeling relationship
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the popularity and widespread use of new media, and the increasingly expansionof the function and role of new media, social meaning and cultural significance of the newmedia is increasingly reflected in real life. Therefore, the study of new media and its cultureis made from the perspective of philosophy, sociology, cultural anthropology, management,political science, law, communication studies. This is not only because governments haveattached great importance to the research and application of new media, but also people wantto resolve the world to learn about the world through this new medium in this new media age.The development and update of new media technologies has led to diversity andpluralism of artistic expression of new media. With the progress of technology and evolution,the forms and transmission modes of new media which is carried and supported with digitaltechnology are also constantly updated and progress. Technology is more advanced, the formsare more rich and changeful, and the content and meaning is also increasingly in-depth. As anew medium for the spread of art, New media is the only one of the contemporary variouskinds of art forms with an unprecedented convergence space, technology and art.Manifestations of contemporary new media art is not just the graphic and images, butalso the multi-sensory experience of the three-dimensional,space and time, which make thebreakthrough and exceed the limitations of the multiple dimensions of time and space. Astoday’s emerging art forms related to the space closely, new media art has the necessary tocombine the two to solve more problems and find more possibilities. Space createsenvironment. Environment organizations our life, behaviors, and relationships. From thedevelopment of new media art history, it is easy to find that the theme to utilize and interpretthe space is a not allow to ignore. It makes the first perfect combination of art and space. Arthas been demonstrated in space. Meanwhile art produces the function of spatial thinking interms of analysis and research. Based on total control of the space, the new media art canthink about sociology, anthropology, psychology, and other things beyond the art itself in a more authoritative stance. So it is very necessary to analyze and research the new mediaspatialization.The main link of the new media art and space is man. Without the viewer a new mediaexistence is meaningless. The new media art expressions largely need people’s interaction andparticipation, so people is also part of the new media art works. The new media art, peopleand space are inseparable from philosophical perspective. This paper mainly discusses therelationship of new media art space, resolves the process of the viewer’s understanding ofnew media art and space from the perspective of cognitive psychology and explores thepossibility of relations between them.

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