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The Exploration of New Media Art in China

Author MaZuoLong
Tutor LiBo
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords concepts technology local elements creative industry
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The21stcentury, new technologies bring a variety of technology options, which makesthe creation of new media art more and more easy, and has also spawned a large number ofnew media artists. Since then, China’s new media art shows diverse trends. Although China’stechnical level of new media art practices is still at a preliminary stage, but from the early90sto now, China’s new media art has practiced in imaging experiments, computer technology,installation space, narrative style, and so on, and gradually received wide attention in theinternational art.Traditional culture is the parent body of artistic innovation. We say that technologicalinnovation has a certain cycle, in the trend of globalization, for the new media arts,communication and application of new technologies is no longer a bottleneck, but simply anexternal condition. As an artistic discipline, new media art is technology-first. If new mediaart wants to get a root growth in China which has more backward technology, its humanconcept becomes extremely important. The human concept needs to absorb nutrients from thetraditional culture. Van Gogh once said you are a wheat seed and should be scattered in theirown soil; Wu studied in France, his teacher Sufu Volpi said, the return to China can issue newbranches from roots. MOMA Video director Barbara Langdon believes that the activity ofChina’ new media art is a new round after the West’s new media art circle closed.For the industrialization develop of new media art, we must change our concepts, adjustthe system, establish a mechanism, expand their markets, and develop, design, create anindependent intellectual property content of new media products. Combining the localelements, cultural values and new technologies to create a brand with Chinese culturalbackground, we can cast a virtuous circle of complete and creative industry chain.After the popularity of basic language of the media, new media art in China, will becomemediocre art species, after finishing the topic of China in the international new media artexhibition, the Chinese people in new media circles will change the face from strange tofamiliar, when people are will generate further expectations and requirements. Therefore,blindly following the new forms is undesirable. The meanings of China’s new media art depend on whether it will transform the thinking resources of China creatively in thestimulation of new media, participate in the reconstruction of the spirit of Chinese culture, orthrough the use of new media tools to find inspiration in China five thousand years ofcivilization to create new media art works with Chinese interesting.

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