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The Baroque Style of CG Creation in the New Context

Author SuBing
Tutor LiBo
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Baroque Painted Style Solemn Style Thickness And Sports NewContext CG
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Baroque of which original meaning refers to a kind of pearl of irregular shape originallymeans deformity and pretense. It was used to mark the painting, sculpture, architecture andother aspects of the art style in16-18century, which was later borrowed to literature andmusic. The characteristic of Baroque literature ideologically is anxious, pessimistic anddepressed. And it deliberately carves and tactfully pursues strange in art, showing gorgeousand delicate style, prevalent as an art style for a long time in Europe. Baroque literature is theimportant part in art history and the great art style in Europe.As the development and advancement of era, Baroque currently has not only been giventhe new meaning, in the new context, its meaning has also had a subtle expansion and change.Linking current, concerning about the phenomena of present art and combining with ourprofession-new media (CG as a form of new media)-we should unscramble the awareness ofthe social groups behind the phenomena, the causes of generation and the essence of art, sothat the understanding of our profession is more profound and we will form increasinglymature style of art design. And Baroque is no longer choppy by ways we direct the public artand propose the systematic theory study.With some currently popular phenomena as research objects, the article which combineswith the original definition of Baroque and makes CG creation a breakthrough point exploresthe relationship among various phenomena. It is to discover deep causes of Baroque in thenew context, and to find the new artistic direction, how to develop and eventually where to gothereby finding out the theoretical basis behind the phenomena to make Baroquesystematization and to make our cognition more comprehensive, objective and mature, andarguing the inevitability and positive of Baroque in the new context finally.This paper applies some relevant theories and analytical methods. Its content is mainlydivided into5chapters to discuss. The main study results are that based on the masters’theories, guided by the current phenomena and linking with own profession, the paper reflectsthe generation of phenomena, seeks the essence behind the production and clarifies my ownpoints of view to form integral, unified and scientific theoretical system and to guide andsupply the currently domestic gap in this field.

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