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Music and Visual Arts Isomorphism

Author XuZuo
Tutor RenZuo
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords hearing arts visual arts isomorphism Vector arts Symbiosis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Through analyzing the development history of auditory arts, visual arts, music theoryand art theory, revealed the process between these two arts from parallel develop to mutualfusion, and also presented a new art based on these two arts--Vector arts, a new art combinedthe time art of music with the space art of visual.Generally, five senses to human is vision, audition, smelling, gustation and touchpressure sensation. Therein, vision and audition are especially important, also are the mostpowerful tools to cognize the world. Vision and audition are synesthesia reaction, thephysiological basis of two art isomorphism. Many great civilizations born in the long historythat human conquest the nature, there are music and painting. Although they used differentmanifestations, painting used graphics and color, music used sound, but they did not breakaway from the cognitive mode of human. Also of course, just like other subjects, thedevelopment of music and painting have the isomorphism in time, different art schools havesynchronous development in these two arts.With the development of the modernism period, the auditory art and visual art standed onthe summit of their own subject. And then they continuously exchanged their fresh "blood",self mutated, finally the Vector arts came into the world, it’s not the sameness art on style orthinking, but a new type of art by means of other subjects’ combination. Vector arts signifiedcertain revive of comprehensiveness in art. It trussed various kinds of arts up again, bulidedthe overall experience that can not be restored to composite features.

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