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A Study on Net Art

Author WenZuo
Tutor LiBo
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Net Art Interactiveness digital life interactive net
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Since the foundation first military computer network at the end of1960s, Internet has gotalong with human being for approximately5decades. But, at the very beginning of itsdevelopment, it did not gain much attention and popularization until1990s. From then on,thanks to its global construction, it got the access to families of common people. It haschanged the way of living. The appearing of various art forms which mainly rely on netwitnessed the birth of net art.Now, it is indispensable. In the history of human development,science and art, like twin brothers, are very closely associated with each other. The rapiddevelopment of technology inevitably gives rise to new art forms. Simultaneously, thedevelopment of art in turn calls for new advancement of technology.Contemporarily, with the sweeping of new trends of thought, Industrial Times faded awayas well as Information Times arrived which gave rise to the emergence of various new artforms. Like other new media forms, Net Art as one of new art forms is the product oftechnology development. However, with the rapid development of digital informationtechnology and net technology, where does Net Art lead to?This paper illustrates differences as well as relations between Net Art, a branch of newmedia art, and other art forms by tracing its history and analyzing its structure and essence. Itpoints out that Interactiveness as one of Net Art’s attributes is indispensable and irreplaceable.It also explores the meaning of spreadingness and interactiveness for the future human life.At last, it prospects the usefulness of Net Art as a powerful carrier in the future digital life ofhuman being in order to seek new ways to develop Net Art. The whole paper is divided intofour parts. As following:In the first part, it mainly traces Net Art’s history and development. It also analyses itsstatus and influence in human history.In the second part, it distinguishes Net Art from other art forms by analyzing Net Art itself,and finally concludes Interactiveness as its essential attribute. Traditional spreading forms of information was orderless and people were nothing but passive receivers. It was theapplication of net that has been made a lot of changes in this field. Since the first invention ofnet, people began to adopt computer language to get information according to their ownpurposes, which can be considered the initial presentation of Interactiveness.In the third part, it illustrates and exposes that inevitably Interactiveness becomes essentialattribute of Net Art. Researchers should not only make researches on what to be transmittedbut also on how to transmit, and, as a result, realizes the virtual reality created by interaction.In the last part, it makes prediction on the development of Net Art and digital life of humanbeing.

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