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Comparison of 1920's Lu Xun and Xuan Zhenjian works in the image with a short story as the center

Author ChenXiaoFeng
Tutor JinYongKui
School Shanghai International Studies University
Course Asian - African Language and Literature
Keywords Lu Xun Mysterious town built Comparative Literature Female Images
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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The paper compares the image of women in the works of Xuan Zhenjian Lu Xun and the similarities and differences, and analyses the reason why the differences exist. With the comparative literature parallel research method, to Lu Xun and Xuan Zhen Jian of the three short stories were investigated. Select six short novels typical female image into three classes are compared. The second chapter analyzes 1920 in China and South Korea women's Liberation Movement and women's situation. From the traditional female ethics China persecution, the women of new culture movement and the awakening of the women's liberation movement is analyzed in terms of the reality of the situation in 1920 women Chinese. The liberation of South Korean women, from South Korean women's double oppression in the colonial and feudal patriarchal system, the upsurge of women's education, women's groups and women you will activity were studied. The third chapter discusses Lu Xun and Xuan Zhenjian's life and literary activities. Lu Xun and old women Zhu An misfortune makes Lu Xun have a deeper understanding of women's liberation. Xuan Zhenjian's wife is a traditional as an understanding wife and loving mother, his works also have very strong autobiographic character. Lu Xun's "blessing", "divorce", "regret for the past" and Xuan Zhenjian's "poor", "wife", "flower" fire sacrifice of the heroine in the cm to conform to the type of old women, old women and resistance against is the failure of the new female three types and analysis. "Blessing" of Xiang Linsao and "poor wife" wife in common is by the feudal patriarchal system of oppression was unaware, think that women are inferior to men, the three obediences and the four virtues values have penetrated deeply and safeguard. And Xiang Linsao died the different tragic in fear, "wife" in poor outcome is a wife by her husband to love, love between husband and wife overcome economic difficulties. This paper pointed out the different outcome and the author's personal experience. "Divorce" in love "and" Gu fire in Iraq revolt along the way and the object are quite different, but are not aware of the reasons underlying their unfortunately ethics think that women are inferior to men. "Regret for the past" and "flower" sacrifice heroine in both against failure and death, but fail for different reasons. Zi Jun because the economy is not independent and fail, but S is because the hero's weakness and failure. This paper points out that this and Lu Xun pay attention to the economic power of women liberation and the Korean traditional female character. In short, the two authors in the old female although oppression, but the deep reasons of the oppressed unaware, on the contrary, the new women against the feudal system, more clear bold pursuit of free love, but there are not enough economic ability and think that women are inferior to men remaining limitations.

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