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Lu Xun's "weeds" and foreign literature

Author DiCun
Tutor WangJiPeng
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Lu Xun "Weeds" European literature Russian literature Japaneseliterature
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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"Weeds" was written in late May Fourth, Lu Xun’s only a prose poem set. LuXun once said his life’s philosophy in "Weeds"."Weeds" Lu Xun thinking fifty-fourlow tide anxious, depressed the product reflects the Lu Xun anxious, thinking, toughbattle journey."Weeds" growing in the soil of the Chinese nation, it is in theabsorption of nutrients China, and more to learn from the exotic fruit juice can be saidthat the remarkable works of Lu Xun’s "Weeds" is an "ism". This article is by Lu Xun"Weeds" Comparative Study of Foreign Literature Foreign Literature of Lu Xun andthe important impact of the profound ideological essence and unique artistic charm of"Weeds" and to demonstrate.Comparative Study of Lu Xun "Weeds" and foreign literature process, mainly inLu Xun "Weeds" and European literature, Lu Xun "Weeds" and Russian literature,Japanese literature, Lu Xun "weeds" Comparative Study of focus, Lu Xun"Weeds"Nietzsche, Baudelaire, Byron, Petofi, Ibsen, Turgenev, Leo Tolstoy, AlcatelChi Postscript Sui Fu, Guliyagawa Natsume Soseki, and many other foreignwritersimportant literary works of the major comparative study object, the article isdivided into three main parts carried discourse.The first part discusses Lu Xun "weeds" in the ideological content and artisticexpression are an important influence from the European literature, mainly First,Nietzsche,"Thus Spake Zarathustra" profound demonstration of Nietzsche’s finalbacktheory also the profound ideological influence of Lu Xun "weeds";"Weeds"Symbolism artistic sources from Baudelaire prose poem "Paris melancholy; Third,Byron" Childe HaroldStewart Travels,"Cain" the spirit of the "Byronic hero"character have a profound impact on the spirit of Lu Xun highlight the theme of thepower struggle with aggressive; Lu Xun Lu Xun "Weeds Petofi poem" hope "toform"About the new understanding of" hope "and" despair ", the exhibit resonance inthe ethos of Lu Xun and Petofi; Ibsen sharp ideological weapon for Lu Xun" weeds ",they are with their own strongwillpower to resist the darkness of death, and the pursuitof bright hope.The second part of the "weeds" Lu Xun in ideological content and artisticexpression are important influence on Russian literature, mainly as the First Lu Xunand Turgenev have "for life" ideology of the Enlightenment, bothunique artisticconception of "dreams" in the prose poem to describe the thoughts and emotions ofthe fighting; Lu Xun "weeds" by Lev Tolstoy huge impact on the ideological content creation, while Lu Xun financialsinks beyond Lev Tolstoy’s literary creation andthinking,"weeds" more deeply exposed the contradictions of Chinese society, theproblem; Third, Lu Xun "weeds" Al-Chi Postscript Sui Fu numbness in thedescription of the masses, ignorant a revolutionary diaphragm, as well as the resultingrevolutionaries lonely, lonely, sad similarities.A profound impact on the third part of Lu Xun "weeds" in the ideologicalcontentand artistic expression are important impact, mainly from Japanese literature FirstGuliyagawa symbol of depression "Lu Xun" Weeds "creative practice, the theoryLuXun literary Thought mature has a vital role; Lu Xun and Natsumesoseki in the prosepoem creative fantasy realm to the performance of the spiritual world, two in culturalcriticism mentally More Signed in and the experience of love marriagealso verysimilar.

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