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Intermediar Intermediary

Author LiZongShan
Tutor FuXingZuo
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Bride Medium Scholasticism Mother The Structure of Text
CLC I512.06
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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"Bride medium" is a female image of prototype, which presented in Northrop Frye’sbook The Great Code: The Bible and Literature, who is the originator of myth-archetypecritical theory, namely "the forgiveness of sin and the adulteress, though having guityultimately is spoiled, that is bride medium image between the devil jezebel and theenlightenment bridge, on behalf of the people getting salvation from the sin."Bride medium image are loved by the writer because of bearing the sacrifice andredemption of religious ideas, this paper is based on the prototype criticism methods, Iselect five bride medium image in Russian literature, based on the existing achievement,from the research point of image of science, philosophy of religion, the female criticismexplores its unique Russian style characteristics. In Russian literature bride medium imagefirst meet the frye’s the bride medium"four features--bride first is guilty,"Aidor" is thenecessary condition of being saved, bride medium is forgiveness is inseparable from thegospel of Christ, intermediary bride was saved after the realization of the function ofsaving people, five Russian literature of the image of women as intermediary bride missingthe essence characteristics of the variant forms of a single is the rather than real loss.Secondly, it is through the variation of these intermediary bride image, we see closer to theTolstoy Buddhism thought and the Russian religious philosophy about Christ, theincarnation of the link between decreased theory; we see Dostoyevsky for self and ego, andhow to grasp the balance between beauty and beauty in the world which is more moralforce, religious ethics and belief in the folk tradition of rootless new women who endorsesthe more accurate answer to these three questions; we see Pasternak of the reason anddesire to grasp, to the pursuit of the human nature, the Russian spirit direction. Once again,from the division of the bride and the mother found the possible of the bride’s mother, fromthe old Russian Sophia that is said to find intermediary bride image rising for thephilosophy of religion on the basis of the mother image, from the Russian hyperdulia ideasto find a bride medium image rose as the practical basis of mother’s image, to demonstratethe bride medium image rose based on the facts of mother image views from the text,therefore in Russian literature, bride medium image from the bride into mediation processmother. Finally, from the perspective of text structure bride medium image is to supportthe "subject" of others, whose novel clues, plot happen fundamental contradiction, plotreversal point three forms of male protagonists fate plays an intermediary role.Therefore, in the Russian literary bride medium image not only has the characteristicsof the intermediary’s demon from the bride, as well as carrying the intermediary writerreligious philosophy, is the intermediary rise from the bride image as the image of theVirgin Mary, which is play an more intermediary role in text structure, so it can be calledthe intermediary Russian is the bride medium.

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