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Study on Longying

Author LiuBin
Tutor LvBin
School Xiangtan University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Longying works life social association family history lifeexperience temperament the latter part of the Ming dynasty
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The research object of this paper is Longying, who is one of the most importantwriters of Huguang province in late Ming Dynasty.Records about his life experience and family background are scatteredthroughout the chorography and works of his friends, but many of works is writtenwrong in recording of it. After carefully studied the “Collection of Longying”, andcombined with variety of other materials, make a detailed and accurate investigationfor his life and family. It truly reflect that his official family characters of threegenerations and life experience of the gentle as well as martial.From the political perspective, Longying was familiar with Confucian schoolclassics, his performance and conduct all indicated the essence of Confucian, at thesame time, he also carried out the Buddhism and Daoism. His spirits typicallyembodied out the unity of three religions and have agreed with the trend of the timesin the late Ming dynasty. From the literary perspective, in the age when the thought ofreturning to the ancients in Literature has gradually disappeared,“the soul literature”is becoming more and more popular, his literature thought coincided with thissituation, and display the transition track from the Back to the Ancient to spirituality.His friends have far-reaching effects in his literature ideological transformation.In the early stage, Longying has associate with the chief commander for restorethe old literature, such as Wangdaokun, Wangshizhen and so on. In the late period, hehas frequently contacted with spirituality pioneer, like Gongan Sanyuans, Jiangyingke.The fact clearly shows that explicit reasons for his spirit’s change.Longying created so many literature works, but the amount of what beinghanded down today on account for seven tenth or eight tenth compared with his entirecreation. The mainly types of his works are poem and prose. Among them, landscapestravels have achieved highly accomplishment. In addition, there are two dramas, itcalled:“The story of Golden Gate” and “The story of blue Bridge”. Unfortunately, thetwo masterpieces has disappeared.Longying have a large circle of friends and maintain close relationship withthose celebrities in those days. Their communication ways consists of Yinshi Songs,and mutual written letter. These facts represented his complex character. In thisprocess, longying has also written lots of quality masterworks, this paper choose several reputed friends and give a full and detailed research. It can be see thatconcrete conditions from these intercourse.Based on the depiction of the Longying attempts from family background, lifeexperience, personality spirit, writings and friends with several aspects of in-depthLongying research, in order to reappear his full and true image. These knowledge canhelps us better understand his literary status in Ming dynasty.

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