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The Research of Ling Huchu's Poems and Articles

Author LiZhi
Tutor GuoHaoFan
School Jinan University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Ling Huchu poems rhythmical prose characterized by parallelism andornateness artistic characteristics YuLanshi
CLC I206.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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During the middle and later period of Tang Dynasty, Ling Huchu was famous forpolitics.And the record of his expericenes are more about politics. The later generation abouthis impressions tend to be a politician. But his literary achievements have respect by others atthat time. Liu Yuxi called him "the leader of article ", Bai Juyi called him "the poetry enemy".Due to the existing literature are more about his biography of historical data,and a lot ofliterary works has lost. He was ignored in today’s academia. This article is focus on the study ofpoems of Ling Huchu, dig in the character and achievements about Ling Huchu in literature,in order to make further research about Ling Huchu. Based on that, this dissertation mainlyincludes4parts in total.The first part, there are some controversial issues on Ling Huchu, which is lifetime,official career and native place. This paper will carding these views, it will be the basic to hispoems and articles.The second part, it will focus on the poems about Ling Huchu. It mainly in two typeswhich YueFu and lyric poetry. We can see the whole feature although the amount is small. Theartistic characteristic about him is deep though with popular and easy to understand, new tonewith beautiful rhythm, providing much food for thought.The third part, mainly introducing YuLanshi,the edition, the standard of selection, thecontent and assortment. Analyse the number of poems which is chosen by Ling.The forth part, talking about Ling’s rhythmical prose characterized by parallelism andornateness, it is classified in two parts. There are four kinds of articles in his official document.At last we will explore his influence on articles to later generations.The last part in this paper is an appendix about Ling’s antiphon poetry.

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