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The Study about Sun Di and His Poetry

Author WuDi
Tutor ChenYuanFeng
School Shandong Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Sun Di Life Poetry
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Sun Di is a famous politician between the Southern Song Dynasty and the Northern SongDynasty,and active during the periods of Emperor Huizong,Qinzong and Gaozong.The literaryworks of Sun Di is nine volumes of poetry and eighty-three volumes of article.The basic featuresof his poems include the richness of the theme and the diversity.But because of his moralcharacters,his literary works was always ignored.This article is study Sun Di and his poetry by Sun Di’s life and his literature thought and hispoems. Then try to give an objective evaluation to Sun Di and his poetry.This article is composed of introduction and three chapters and conclusion.Preface part:We first introduce the historically evaluation on him and his works.After that,introduce the study on him of contemporary scholars.But there are few scholars having studiedSun Di and his literature exclusively and carefully.So,it is quite necessary to study Sun Di andhis literature. At same time,this part includes creation ideas of this thesis.The first chapter: Mainly discusses the life and literary ideas of Sun Di.At the same time,made a brief introduction of the overall situation about his poetry and articles.The firstsection:First of all, made a brief description of his life experiences.Then discussed somethingspeople don’t agree with in Sun Di’s life in detail.And try to objectively make my evaluation ofSun Di and his deeds. The second section generalized Sun Di’s literary thoughts into six pointsand do a simple analysis of each point.The third section made a simple introduction onsubsistence situation of his literature works and version of his book. In the end,we do a simpleresearch on Sun Di’s Siliuwen,which have a reputation in the literary world.The second chapter introduce Sun Di’s poetry classification.Sun Di is handeddown seven hundred and fifteen poems.They can be divided into the followingcategories:responding conversation poems,scene poems,mourning poems and other poems.Thefirst section take Sun Di and his friends He Ximing,Wang Ziqin,Xie Ji etc’s respondingconversation poems for instance to discuss the characteristics of Sun Di’s respondingconversation poems.The second section divided Sun Di’s scene poems into landscape poems, garden poems, georgic poems and object-chanting poems.The third section do a simple analysison the stylized features of his mourning poems.The fourth section mainly introduces his feelingpoems.The third chapter mainly analyze Sun Di’s poetry form three aspects of artistic features:artstyle and use knowledge to writing poetry (yi xue wei shi)and poetic features.The first sectionanalyze his poems from fresh and depressed and so on.The second section discuss the situationabout make use of allusions and the previous verses in Sun Di’s Poems.In the end,we analyzepoetic features of Sun Di.Epilogue part:In the first place, explain the question of Sun Di has no biography in<history of the Song Dynasty> according to Mr. Wei Xianpei’s article "Q&A".In the nextplace,we discuss the deficiencies existing in the Sun Di Poetry.At last,made a summary andproposed to the Sun Di research expectation.

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