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On the aesthetic quality of Bi Feiyu's Novels

Author WangZuo
Tutor YangShouSen
School Shandong Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Bi feiyu novel aesthetic character aesthetics value
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Recent years have witnessed the increasing attention and recognition from thecritics for the novels authored by Bi Feiyu. In his over20years’ writing career, BiFeiyu has been developing his literature creativity, with the fruitful of creative works.Up to now, the research of Bi Feiyu’s novels in the academic circle is surrounding thepersonalities of the characters, the theme and internal implication, and novel artistry,such as the study on the scholar image in Bi Feiyu’s novels, the writing style of theCultural Revolution in his creation, and the theory of language demonstrated in BiFeiyu’s novels, while the study and research on the aesthetic quality of his novels in acomprehensive and systematic manner is scarcely seen. The thesis is composed withthe purpose of filling the gap in the current researches by discussing the aestheticquality of Bi Feiyu’s novels from four aspects, namely spiritual connotation, characterimage, language and value.The thesis can be divided into Introduction and Body. The Introduction iscomprised of four parts: introduction of Bi Feiyu and his works, discussion of thecurrent research on his novels, significance of the topic, opinions and innovation seenin this thesis as well as the research thinking and approach; and simple definition ofaesthetic quality.The Body is divided into four chapters. Chapter1discusses the beauty of BiFeiyu’s novels which is of sorrow but no injured sentiment with the emphasis on thespiritual connotation. It categorizes the novels into tragedy of era, tragedy of fate andtragedy of character based on the tragic causes, discloses the sorrow without injuredsentiment brought along from the depth of his works by the meticulous reading, andultimately gives the tentative explanation for the reason for Bi Feiyu’s pursuit of theinner beauty. It will mainly unfold the discussion from three layers namely thechildhood, personality and aesthetic pursuit of Bi Feiyu.Starting from the character image, Chapter2discusses the humane beauty in hisnovels which tempers force with mercy. Bi Feiyu successfully creates many imageswith such character. In the first two paragraphs, different types can be made based on their genders and living conditions, and female characters may be categorized as goodand devoting mothers, rural girls who are bold and vigorous for their longings, andmarginal women who are not satisfied with status quo and overcome the difficulties;and the male characters can be divided into fathers who expect success for their sonsand long for understanding, rural young men who are not satisfied with status quo andare eager to change, and the marginal men in the cities who bear hardships and aretough. The third paragraph will explore the causes for Bi Feiyu to depict the humanebeauty from the observation, growth environment and attitude for life.The Chapter3will focus on the language used in his novels so as to discuss thebeauty of language which displays the freshness and vividness. The first and secondparagraphs will discuss the freshness and vividness respectively and from the thirdparagraph, the causes for the linguistic features will be described and analyzed fromchildlike innocence, aesthetic pursuit and aesthetic interest.The Chapter4will first discuss the overall aesthetic features shown in his novels,and argue with the significance concerning the aesthetic quality from the practicalvalue and literary value. With respect to the practical value, the unique and distinctiveaesthetic quality displayed in Bi Feiyu’s novels can guide the readers to pay attentionto the social reality, and navigate them to think more actively so as to recognize andreflect the humanity, even awakening it; by referring to the literary value, it re-createsthe image of blind people in the literary history, providing many available examplesfor other writers to depict those who wander at the bottom of the society, and bringingthe fresh style to the modern literary circle.

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