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From the disease to humanism Salvation - novels by Yu Dafu as an example

Author GaoZuo
Tutor LuHongTao
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords depression humanism redemption metaphor enlightenment modernity
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The relationship between literature and disease is quite close, from Chinese literature, it is always accompanied by the history of literature, the earliest image of the book of songs have disease, in the process of development, the disease metaphor connotation is constantly changing, more and more deep, get better development in the modern literature, some diseases have fixed metaphorical meaning, also reflected the writing, and many of the more writers of representative disease, such as Lu xun,Yu dafu and Ding ling, Ba jin and so on is this disease writing a orgasm, on which relatively have characteristics and the influence of the writer is yu dafu, his painting in the disease, mental illness and physical diseases, and more real capitalise on the performance, in a way that is more persuasive, shows his literary authenticity, as can be seen from these disease metaphor of Yu dafu was not only a man daring to show self need, he is still a concern for national social writer, put him to the state and social sense of mission in his works, not only the intellectuals writers had these disease, but also national society has some problems in different level, which reflect social problems by these diseases, the diseases of the body or mental diseases come from the external environment of oppression and their own weakness, by the way more truly reflect the more profound theme, that is the characteristics of the works of Yu dafu. Yu dafu found the problem, not just to escape, he is truly reflected, in order to get effective treatment, early work is that he want to through the way of expression to achieve the goal of treatment, but this method also can have the effect of ease, and cannot effect a radical cure, and in the external pressure, it will be more and more big in the realistic society, these diseases are more and more serious, due to yu dafu firm belief and people’s social and national sense of responsibility and mission, he was not to kill self, but in an effort to save themselves, save others, and redeem yourself,which is released the inner anguish and depression completely, in the natural beauty of good artistic conception, relax yourself, where you can find the the destination of heart, to calm and find the natural nature of self, to correct distorted depressive heart, the most important is that to others to save or redemption, yu dafu during Japan’s strongly affected by the western thought of some, including for humanitarian and humanistic ideas, which influence on yu dafu is relatively deep, so he was at the time of salvation to others pay more attention to the cultivation of humanity and enlightenment to others. this is transforms the national character. It contains the enlightenment, the works of yu dafu disease metaphor is included in the enlightenment, but his way of writing also contains some features of modernity, is called\"enlightenment modernity\"as a whole. Have such characteristics, the theme and metaphor also formed a certain trend, influence of teaching AIDS, at that time influence the surrounding many writers, and in the longitudinal direction of literature also have great impact, it reflected his literature status. It will divide chapter expounds, the first chapter will start from May4th literature associated with disease, pointed out that disease widespread application in the May4th literary theme, focus on explain the reason of the disease in May4th literature theme widely used and its profound connotation of the metaphor. Chapter2mainly expounded is the physical and mental illness in works of yu dafu and the metaphor,and explain disease subject in yu dafu’s creation, and which has a certain depth. The third chapter mainly explain the reason of the disease theme why it is appered and the source of the connotation of the metaphor. The fourth chapter is to show how the subject has significance, for Yu dafu disease of society, for May4th youth knowledge, as well as it has aesthetic value. Fifth chapter novels by Mr Yu dafu are said to the redemption in the late,the self redemption and salvation to others’humanism,which reflects the yu dafu’s literary ideal. The sixth chapter is the conclusion, this paper discusses the influence on the later writers, including the horizontal and vertical.

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