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Zeng Gong Ji proses research

Author ZhangChaoXu
Tutor LiuFengZuo
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Zeng Gong narrative type prose Content characteristics artsfeatures
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Zeng Gong as one of eight people of tang and song dynasty in the history of Chinese literature has a high status in literature. His main literary achievement is in prose, his prose handed down from ancient times has more than one thousand, and narrative type prose is Zeng Gong the most outstanding achievements in many style of literariness and the strongest part. Its written prose is thriving under Ou Yang Xiu poetry innovation movement. Zeng Gong experienced Zhen Zong, Ren Zong, Ying Zong, Shen Zong four periods, time of life is the northern song dynasty period of11th century from victory to failure, on the surface of a thriving, but within countries being the contradiction has become increasingly apparent. Zeng Gong written prose body widely reflected the northern song dynasty society all aspects of life including the suffering of the people’s livelihood, water conservancy construction, school education and so on. His prose embodied the ancient Chinese literati and deep sense of responsibility and mission. This paper divided into six parts.The introduction part is mainly to remember the definition of stylistics and Zeng Gong narrative type prose research overview.The first chapter summarized Zeng Gong system theory of literary thought.His literature thoughts is related to creation. Zeng Gong has been hailed as a "Confucian" ideas. Throughout his life, he strictly abided by the doctrine of the Confucian, his thought mainly is statue of Confucianism, the Confucian thoughts to all aspects of life. Zeng Gong narrative type prose body prose also reflected the influence of Confucianism. But adoring Confucianism not archaic and Zeng Gong also reflected the shifting.The second chapter is the classification study of Zeng Gong narrative type prose body prose, mainly from the pavilion hall to remember, temples to learn, personnel miscellanea to analysis one by one.His narrative type prose is very various,so it is necessary to make a careful assortment.The third chapter mainly studied Zeng Gong narrative type prose art. Zeng Gong had made great achievements on arts features.This paper mainly studied his arts style,structure arts,expression means,language arts.Zeng Gong narrative type prose mostly belonged to the quality of real simple, but there is no lack of among them the artistic achievement of excellence, pictorial depicting delicate detail.The fourth chapter is on Zeng Gong narrative type prose draw provided a study of prose. Zeng Gong turned down body prose, fused cast personality. So like his prose has a pioneering role. It is to the benefit to affirm the real value of his narrative type prose.Conclusion part summarized Zeng Gong narrative type prose’s overall achievements, pointed out its body immortal status in the history of the development of prose. Through the whole body of Zeng Gong prose is the noble personality charm, deep feelings, given to the country and the people of deep anxiety and the sense of responsibility.

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