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Analysis of the Application and Violation of TCA in Linguistic Behavior of Netspeakers

Author WangLi
Tutor JinZuo
School Northwest Normal University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Internet netspeak TCA
CLC H030
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the quick development of technology, internet has become more and more important in our life.People begin to use Internet as a tool to exchange messages, such as BBS, QQ, Micro-blog, facebook, twitter andso on. People on the net are called netizens, and the language they use is called net language, which meets thenew and special requirement of net.As a new kind of language form, though net language occurs in a very short time, the speed of itsdevelopment is quite amazing, and the influence on netizens is great. Now it attracts a lot of linguists’ attention,and they think it has great value and significance to study this new language form. Nowadays, many studies havebeen done about net language, like researches related to its words and syntax. However, systematic researchesabout net language leave a great deal of space to be probed into, especially about analyzing the application anddeviation of pragmatic principles. Nevertheless, it is quite necessary to observe net language from theperspective of pragmatics to better help new netizens understand Internet culture. Therefore, the exploration ofthis topic is necessary and meaningful. The author uses the theory of communicative action (shorten as TCA) toanalyze the characters of net language, which is also a new angle of viewpoint.This thesis adopts both qualitative and quantitative methods to do the research on the usage of netspeak.Firstly, the author uses qualitative method to analyze the corpuses from QQ, Tian Ya BBS, facebook, and somefamous Websites. After collecting the language materials, the number and frequency of these data netizens abideby or violate the TCA are calculated. Secondly, the author employs a quantitative approach to arrive at theconclusion that netizens always violate TCA but the communication between them will not be influenced.This thesis is made up of six chapters. The first chapter is introduction which includes the purpose andsignificance of selecting this topic. Chapter two is the literature review which introduces the study of netspeak inChina and abroad, and the definition, forms and the characteristics of netspeaks. Chapter three contains thetheoretical framework of the whole thesis. The author presents TCA in detail and the relationship between thisthesis and the theory. The forth chapter talks about the methodology of this thesis, including research questions,data collection, research methods and procedures. Chapter Five, as a key part of this research, uses TCA toanalyze the collected corpuses. After that, the author reaches a conclusion that netizens usually violate TCA onthe net. Chapter Six comes to the conclusion of this study, involving the major findings, limitations andsuggestions.

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