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Pragmatic Strategies Concerning Mitigated FTAs in TV Talk Show-An Adaptation-based Approach

Author ZhaoGuoFang
Tutor YuanFang
School Inner Mongolia University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Courtesy TV talk show Face threatening behavior Mitigation strategies Linguistic adaptation
CLC G222
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In recent years, researchers courtesy language gave great attention. Among the many theories of politeness, Brown and Levinson's face theory proposed in 1978 the most influential. They put the \If the speaker's speech act is essentially a threat to the hearer's face, is a FTA (face-threatening act), which face threatening behavior. When you want to use when the inevitable FTA, the speaker needs to be eased regulation of speech, in order to reduce the hearer's offended, and then show courtesy to each other. In the television interview program, in order to achieve a certain communicative purpose, ease FTA is moderator and respondents commonly pragmatic strategy. Nevertheless, this linguistic phenomenon is almost not been specifically studied. Also, previous research on the theory of politeness was more or less certain was inadequate, the phenomenon can not be completely on the FTA to make satisfactory interpretation. Vershueren in the \choice) with a strong explanatory power. In this context, this paper intends to Vershueren language adaptation theory as the theoretical framework for the television interview program on the FTA Pragmatic Strategy Throughout a more comprehensive analysis. In response to the theoretical framework of this thesis, qualitative methods spoken material analyzed. These corpus mainly from television talk shows, its credibility has been greatly guaranteed. In the adaptation theory, based on the collected corpus under the premise, by addressing the following two questions to be studied to achieve the purposes of this study: 1) Select the FTA television interview program mechanisms and mitigation strategies What is the motive? 2) Pragmatic Strategies FTA television interview program in particular is how to achieve? Regarding the first issue, the study found, the FTA television interview program mitigation strategies motivated by the mechanisms and language selection interviews inherent requirements of the limitation that presided persons / respondents during language selection should be very conscious through a variety of communicative dynamically adapt to contextual factors. These contextual factors include language users, mental world, social world and the physical world. It should be noted that, in the actual communication, the influence factors are often intertwined with each other, rather than an independent existence. The answer to the second question is essentially the FTA on television talk shows Pragmatic Strategies further sub-policy application analysis. In this study, a detailed mitigation strategies for sub-strategy analysis, so as to television talk show people choose to speak politely discourse presents a possible language of expression, and to some extent, for a better understanding of television interview program is intended to provide a theoretical discourse basis and practical help.

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