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The history of Chinese relative clause typology

Author ChenDanDan
Tutor CaoGuangShun
School Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Course Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Relative clauses Typology Word Order The syntax of Language Contact
CLC H141
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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In recent years, research on the relationship between the history of grammar study and language types of the increasingly close, many scholars have introduced parameter or the method of typology to historical grammar study. Relative clause is an important parameter of typology, Chinese is one of the very few VO word order and relative clauses in front of the core noun languages, so that the relationship between Chinese has very high value of research. But for a long time, Chinese scholars focus on relative clause has been not enough. Especially in Chinese history, systematic study of the history of Chinese relative clauses in this very limited. In this paper, a comprehensive review of the history of Chinese relative clause, clarify its development, hoping to make a relative clause in Chinese typology has a higher comparability. Based on the relative clause in Chinese history as the research object, in different historical period. The ancient, medieval, Tang and three periods, respectively to study all kinds of relationships between each process that periods of production, development and extinction, and the analysis of its emergence and the reasons for the decline of the. The full text is divided into five chapters: the first chapter discusses the relationship between historical grammar study and language typology, analyses the special and important status of Chinese "clause", summarizes the relative clauses in Chinese study, research content, and explain the method and the structure arrangement. The second chapter systematically investigated the expression type, ancient Chinese relative clause relations of the means and the relationship between the use of strategies etc.. In the description of all kinds of relative clauses at the same time, also discusses the ancient Chinese relative clause marker "", "", "" the grammaticalization of "class", and the "" and "" kind of relative clause sources. The third chapter of the native literature and translation of Buddhist scriptures in combination, were investigated. The relationship between these two corpora, and contrast them with a relative clause of ancient Chinese, which is more detailed and comprehensive reflection of the medieval Chinese relative clause. Type and ancient Chinese Middle Chinese relative clause is basically the same, but in the native literature, "", "", "" the relationship between the three clause marks the boundaries between the start loosening, unlike the ancient Chinese so strict. "The quantity" and "person" types of relative clauses are declining, slowly toward extinction. The decline of the main reasons is "" and "" against the "contact principles". The fourth chapter mainly inspects the Tang and Song Dynasties, the emerging "bottom" types of relative clauses. Use relative clause marker "bottom" from their own words, "bottom" for the development of relative clause marker, mainly from ancient, medieval "" types of relative clauses function. With several relative clause marker in the successive decline, relative clause marker "emerging at the end of" just in time to catch the good opportunity, rapid development, to the late Tang and Five Dynasties period has become more mature relationship marked clauses. "Bottom" types of relative clauses can be divided into core noun has no nuclear relative clauses and non nuclear relative clause two, including nuclear relative clauses only front type A. The fifth chapter summarizes the main changes in the history of Chinese relative clauses experience, combined with other related changes in Medieval Chinese word order, to explore the relationship between the types of clauses in Chinese School status. Chinese VO&RelN format may provide a new paradigm for language typology, providing a supplement for the typology of relative clauses and the core NOUN position.

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