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Advanced learners' acquisition of Chinese characters spelling error analysis

Author ZhangHePing
Tutor BanJiQing
School Yangzhou University
Course Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords advanced studying Chinese characters BieZi type reason
CLC H195.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Teaching Chinese characters for foreigners is one important part of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. It is faced to the foreigners whose mother tongue is non-Chinese and focused on the modern Chinese language and aimed to help the foreigners to know Chinese characters’ writing rules, meanings and the ways of application.BieZi is that when we should use one character but used another, this error often can be seen in foreign students’ writing. With the level go up one by one, the learner know more and more Chinese characters, at the same time, the situation of the BieZi errors changes, that is with the higher level, more and more wrong characters appear but the amount of BieZi gets smaller. So we can see that the advanced learners’situation should be pay much attention to.The HSK dynamic composition corpus gathered a lot of foreigners’compositions in their HSK (advanced) exam. BieZi is one part of it and can provide us with many useful corpus.This paper is focused on the BieZi errors in HSK dynamic composition corpus, analysed the BieZi errors’whole situation of advanced foreigners, found that their BieZi errors spread in every level of Chinese characters outline,and had some errors out of the outline. It is not so tighten as we think that the foreign students hold the basic Chinese characters, BieZi errors are very complicated. And the BieZi errors can be divided into different types, they are near-shaped BieZi, near-sounded BieZi, both ear-shaped and near-sounded BieZi, near-meaning BieZi and BieZi of one word. The reason of BieZi errors mainly are the characteristics of Chinese characters, the different ways of learning Chinese and other languages, the influences of the around text, the ways and attitude of the teachers and the students and some unavoidable elements.Compare the BieZi errors that different countries’students made, we can see that the errors related to the character’s shape and sound has a very big part, and some errors related to relatively complicated elements appear at the same time. The students of the the Chinese characters culture area have a better studying situation than the students without any Chinese characters’influences before, their BieZi errors are more complicated and have many errors can’t be classified. It mainly because that the students coming from the Chinese characters culture area are more familiar with Chinese characters than the later and the different ways of studying Chinese characters and other languages.According to the real condition of the advanced foreign students’BieZi errors, we should take some measures in our teaching to avoid these errors, for example, pay attention to the characteristics and qualities of Chinese characters and than improve the strategies of teaching, use different ways to teach different countries’ students, use interesting strategies to teach Chinese characters. Hoping the suggestion be useful in our teaching Chinese characters as foreign language.

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