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The Instructional Design of Cultural Background Knowledge in TCSL Reading Class

Author ZhouLiJun
Tutor MaXiaoHua
School Inner Mongolia Normal
Course Chinese International Education
Keywords the TCSL reading class cultural background knowledge the instructional design
CLC H195.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The TCSL is mainly on comprehensive reading method, at the sametime, it teaches students listening speaking reading and writing skills onChinese. It hopes to improve students’ Chinese from every impact.Inthese skilled teaching, reading as one of their necessity skills, it plays animportant role in improving students’ Chinese. The reading teaching isone of the important methods to improve their Chinese. In the period ofthe TCSL, it accumulates some reading teaching principles and methods,it already improved some students’ Chinese in some degree, but it can’tobviously see that they had a good results. According to this problem, theauthor of the paper concludes some methods from the classes. In readingteaching of the TCSL, the lack of the cultural background knowledge iscaused their poor reading ability. The author give some suggestions tosolve this problem, in real reading teaching, the teachers should givestudents some cultural background knowledge introductions, with thehelp of the cultural background knowledge, improving studentscomprehensive ability, increasing their Chinese cultural knowledge, thenimproving their reading ability. The author chooses a reading book to make an instructional design, and conduct it in real class. The authordesigns some questionnaire to investigate the listening teachers andstudents response. The results of the investigation prove that theinstructional design of cultural background knowledge in TCSL readingclass is effective and helpful.The TCSL is very short in China; it’s in the primary investigationperiod. Although all of us already realized that the TCSL is special, weignore the unique Chinese and Chinese culture. In the part of the culturalteaching, the Chinese is faced up a big challenge; all of us should paymore attention on it. The Chinese culture is long and wild, it’s hard tocontrol to Chinese people, not to mention to the foreign students whodon’t understand Chinese culture. The reading can improve students’ skilland knowledge as easy as possible.The paper is an instructional design, it hopes to improve students’reading comprehensive ability and to help them to increase andunderstand Chinese culture. The whole paper is divided into five parts:the first part:Serves as an instruction. It introduces the background of thestudy, reviews relevant literature from the research papers and textbookdevelopment, and presents the research methodology. The second part:mainly talked about the TCSL readings present status and the problems itdivided into two parts: the teachers’ problems, the students’ problems.The third part: mainly gives some practical principles and problems, the suggestions are divided into two parts, give the teachers’ suggestions,give the students’ suggestions. The forth part: the instruction design ofcultural background knowledge in a TCSL reading. The fifth part: itdescribes the teaching procedures, shows analysis of feedbacks, states thepractical implications and the short backs.

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