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Modal Adverbs Acquisition for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Author AnNa
Tutor DaiLi
School Northwest Normal University
Course Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Modal adverbs Chinese as a Foreign Language Error Analysis Teaching strategies
CLC H195.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Modal adverbs are adverbs which express the speaker’s subjective feelings,attitudes, and evaluation in a Chinese sentence. T Large numbers of such words, andflexible usage, high frequency of special use, compared with other adverbs. thereforeone of the difficulties in teaching Chinese as a foreign language function words.Coupled out of touch on the the modal adverbs theory with teaching practice, unableto effectively guide the modal adverbs teaching, to teach Chinese as a foreignlanguage is less than ideal.Use of description method of induction and comparative analysis, combined withthe semantics and pragmatics theory, referring to the800modern Chinese word ","Modern Chinese functional Explanations "and" Modern Chinese Function WordsDictionary,"The new Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Outline (1-6) included part ofmodal adverbs summarization research, in order to provide a reference for theteaching of foreign Chinese Modal.This paper summarizes some of the research results of the academic research onmodal adverbs, analyzes the deficiencies in the current study, discusses the necessityfor this study. On the basis of previous researches, it proposed three criteria todetermine modal adverbs and modal adverbs included in the outline of the newChinese Proficiency Test (HSK)(1-6), according to the standard to determine thevisits range from syntax and language features two angles of modal adverbs bodymade meticulous research. Position induction for different modal adverbs in sentences,in particular, can provide assistance for the acquisition of Students modal adverbs.In addition, with HSK dynamic composition Corpus on the basis, Through theinvestigation and analysis of a large number of foreign students in the use of modaladverbs bias sentences, summed up the tone adverbs type of bias, that is missing,incorrectly added, misuse and mis-ordering, further analyzes of the reasons for thebias of acquisition of International Students modal adverbs analyzed.This contradiction to resolve the phase out of touch of the the external ChineseModal teaching theoretical research and teaching practice, in accordance with therelevant theories and teaching experiences, it proposed the Outline modal adverbslevel standard adjustment program, summarized textbook deal with the relevant principles of the modal adverbs, believing the textbooks in the comments shouldfocus on the English translation context the importance of training foreign studentsChinese language sense. On this basis, some practical suggestions for the teaching ofChinese as a foreign language modal adverbs, are advised to facilitate theacquisition of foreign language teachers teaching and students of modal adverbs.

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