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Study on Implicit and Explicit Learning in Cognitive Linguistics

Author FanLei
Tutor LiJing
School Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords implicit learning explicit learning cognitive linguistics Bialystok Rod Ellis
CLC H319
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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The study of implicit and explicit learning is a hot issue in pedagogy,cognitive psycholinguistics, and second language acquisition. Many theoreticalstudies have focused on the implicit leaning in the past two decades. However,the history of the implicit learning research in applied field is not long. Theapplication of the concept of implicit learning makes scholars research theimportance from different perspectives.The research of modern psychology states that explicit besides, consciouslearning, there exists implicit, unconscious learning. Implicit learning is anunconscious in a certain situation. Instead, explicit learning is a consciouslearning process. Currently, many researchers focus on the different pointbetween the two learning methods. They start to find out their similarities andinteraction between the two modes.In the present research, based on the Bialystok’s theory of Strong-InterfacePosition and the Rod Ellis’s theory of Weak-Interface Position theoreticalknowledge of the implicit and explicit learning, the experiment is to explore theeffect of the two learning methods of learning English writing and listening andtheir advantages of learning knowledge. The writer makes an experiment toinvestigate the connection between the two learning methods in terms of Englishwriting and listening classes, and further to find out whether the implicit andexplicit learning can be transformed into each other. This research enhances theunderstanding of the characteristics of implicit and explicit learning. The writerrandomly selected100students from Heilongjiang University of Science andTechnology in the experiment. They were putted into two groups; one wasimplicit group, and the other was explicit group. The outcome of the experimentshows that there has implicit learning and it has beneficial effect, and it alsoconveys that the implicit and explicit learning can convert into each other. The gender difference demonstrates that there is no obvious difference on the marksof male and female when doing the English writing and listening, implicit andexplicit learning has similarities in gender difference, both of the male andfemale can do a good job in using and learning the knowledge.Considering our experimental conclusion, we sum some effects of foreignlanguage learning and teaching. By studying the implicit learning and explicitlearning in English writing and listening, we can know that implicit and explicitlearning are in some way different and complementary to each other in gettingknowledge and fostering ability. So we must completely figure out that theimplication for implicit and explicit learning in teaching and learning, andimprove the validity of second language acquisition.

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