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The Soil Quality and Its Evaluation of "Five Business Medicine" Base in Qinling of China

Author LiuRuiFeng
Tutor LiXinPing
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Land resources and space technology
Keywords Medicinal base The soil nutrient Size analysis Evaluation method
CLC S158.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The city of Shangluo is one of the best suitable for growth areas of“Five Business Medicine”and ideal pharmaceutical base in Qingling of China. In order to provide accurate and reliable basis to the study of“Five Business Medicine”specific fertilizer recipe, coordinate the relationship among soil, fertilizer and medicinal materials, improve the yield, quality and benefit of chinese herbal medicine, giving full play to the production potential of local soil. According to the collection of the surface (0~20cm) and the sub-surface (20~40cm) soil samples in ShanYang, LuoNan and ShangZhou areas of medicine base in the city of ShangLuo, studying the fertility status of soil organic matter, large elements and microelement elements and so on. size analysis method was used to study the soil enzyme activity and soil nutrient relationship. We also used principal component analysis method to screen the soil quality evaluation index system and established the minimum data sets. And the soil quality was evaluated, revealing the regional soil fertility and quality status.From the study, we had obtained the following results:(1)Comparison of soil nutrient content of different comparison of cultivated fieldsAbout the content of organic matter, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium, alkali-hydro nitrogen, phosphorus and phosphorus and rapidly-available potassium of the different medicinal gardens, the surface soil is greater than the sub-surface soil. The content of soil organic matter, total nitrogen, total potassium, alkali-hydro nitrogen, rapidly-available phosphorus and rapidly-available potassium of the pharmaceutical base affected by human in Shangzhou is greater than the Shangyang and Luonan, but total phosphorus is except. Overall, the content of rapidly-available iron, rapidly-available manganese and rapidly-available zinc of different medicinal gardens of soil surface is greater than soil sub-surface, the content of rapidly-available copper is vice versa. For the content of soil rapidly-available manganese and rapidly-available zinc content in ShangZhou area and ShangYang and LuoNan, the human impact medicine base is greater than natural medicine and soil available iron, rapidly-available contrast copper content is vice versa.(2)Analysis of the soil texture and CEC of medicinal base At the same growth areas, the content of viscous grain of clay loam in soil surface is less than soil sub-surface, while the content of sandy clay in soil surface is greater than soil sub-surface. The soil was grown cassia seed and radix scutellariae had strong soil fertility in ShangZhou area. While the soil which has schisandra in ShangYang and forsythia in LuoNan has medium fertility soil. The soil CEC of ShangZhou area which has affected by human is greater than natural medicine base in ShangYang and LuoNan.(3)Study of soil enzymes activity of medicinal baseOverall, with the increasing of soil depth, soil invertase, urease and phosphatase activities reduced obviously, this coincide with the soil fertility status.We can divide the soil samples into two types according to the enzyme activity, the first kind: high enzyme activity, including the soil surface of the cultivated fields in ShanYang fructus schisandrae, ShangZhou cassia seed and ShangZhou radix scutellariae; The second kind: low enzyme activity, including the rest of soil samples, soil organic matter, total nitrogen and alkali-hydro nitrogen has direct or indirect effect on four kinds of enzyme activity, but it has significant correlation among them. The enzyme activity of soil sample showed the same trend, we can conclude that the activity of soil enzymes and all activity can be used as evaluation index for the soil fertility levels.(4)Soil quality assessment of medicinal baseThe soil comprehensive quality index showed that soil quality index IFI in the cultivated fields growing the same medicine in suface layer is greater sub-surface layer, soil comprehensive quality index of medical base in ShangZhou arears effected by human is greater than natural medcinal base in ShangYang and LuoNan.The soil surface comprehensive quality cultivated fields which cultivated fructus schisandrae, cassia seed and radix scutellariae is excellent, the soil sub-surface is medium, and the soil is used to cultivate fructus forsythiae is the worst.

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