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On the Chinese learners of Japanese Chinese characters misuse survey to Chinese characters font token error as the center

Author YuYu
Tutor WangQiuHua
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Chinese characters acquisition In second language acquisition Chinese characters misuse Chinese Characters Education Learning strategies
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This article is in 222 learners of three different level of Japanese stage as the investigation object, through the composition analysis and questionnaire survey was carried out by using two kinds of horizontal, quantitative and qualitative research method to analysis the following three questions: 1) China learners Chinese characters acquisition and misuse of the situation (the learner to the wrong Chinese characters); 2) China Japanese learners prone to error writing Chinese characters category; 3) Chinese Japanese learning Chinese characters writing errors produced the reason. This paper study on misuse in Japan's cabinet in November 30, 2010 2136 commonly used Chinese characters of external publicity for the scope of analysis, the research object is the 338 compositions of subjects, the misuse of classification is the reference Ma Fengru (2009) classification comparison of Sino Japanese Chinese characters. The analysis result is obtained Chinese Japanese learners of different categories Chinese characters writing difficult sequence, namely: for simplified Chinese characters in Chinese, Japanese traditional "shape similar word > in simplification of inconsistent word > variant > in Japanese is simplified, to maintain the original word > Chinese shape in the same the word. Reasons analysis, this paper studies the theory of misuse in second language acquisition theory as the theoretical guidance, take the analysis of concrete writing error cases and with the survey results of two analysis methods. Causes of misuse mainly summarized as the following three aspects: 1) the lack of Chinese characters learning settings aspects of the curriculum and examination Chinese characters related; 2) lack of teacher guidance and correct; 3) learners do not pay attention to and do not pay attention to learning and Chinese characters have indifferent attitude. Finally, this paper attempts to Chinese characters in Japanese education and Chinese characters learning and puts forward some learning strategies and teaching guidance method advice. The significance of this paper is to write error reason analysis to the guiding role of Japanese education of the future.

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