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The Research of Han Opera Artist Chen Bohua

Author MaSuFen
Tutor ZhuWeiMing
School Hubei University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Han Opera Performing Arts bChen Bohua Chen School Arts
CLC J803
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Chen Bohua is a well-known performing artist in Han Opera. As a landmark figure in the history of the development of the Han Opera, she created the unique Chen School Arts. In fact, the research of Chen Bohua and her arts can not only enrich the content of the performing arts about Han Opera to deepen our understanding of artistic charm and aesthetic characteristics of Han Opera, but also can improve the value of academic research, which has an important significance to the theater. Therefore, as the center of Chen Bohua and her arts, combining with the history of the development of the Han Opera and Chinese Opera, the article will study the Chen Bohua’s artistic environment, artistic features, artistic contributions, artistic influences.The first chapter is mainly about the Chen Bohua’s artistic environment. First of all, the article will analyze and introduce four famous performing artists in the history of Han Opera: Yu Hongyuan, Li Caiyun, Dong Yaojie and Wu Tianbao. Then the article will study the personal experience and the special environment for Chen Bohua’s arts.The second chapter discusses Chen Bohua’s artistic features. Based on the scripts and combined Chen Bohua’s artistic career characterized by dynamic,by giving lots of examples, Chen Bohua’s artistic features include four aspects:the unique actions, exquisite singing, vivid characters, full of stage expressive force. Studies have shown that Chen Bohua’s performance is provided with a diversification of features.The third chapter discusses Chen Bohua’s artistic contributions. First, the article will focus on Chen Bohua’s outstanding artistic contributions:creating a new situation in Han Opera Dan-line performances, establishing the new aesthetic taste for Han Opera, creating the unique Chen School Arts. Then on this basis to explore the reasons for the formation of Chen School Arts:the excellent individual talent and hard work, the attention of national leaders, the support of writers and scholars, the help of co-workers in Han Opera.The fourth chapter mainly analyzes Chen Bohua’s artistic influences. First, by the way of giving examples and contrasting, it is proved that Chen Bohua’s arts profoundly affect the development of the Han Opera, including Chen School Arts’heritage and Chen arts’effect to the other arts in Han Opera. Second, the article will focus on the communication between Chen Bohua and Mei Lanfang, including scripts and experiences of performing arts exchange. Factually, Chen Bohua’s arts promote the development of other operas.Through the analysis of the above four aspects, finally we can draw a conclusion:Chen Bohua’s life is a microcosm of development of Han Opera in the twentieth century, Chen Bohua and Chen School Arts promote the development of the Han Opera and contribute to the development of the Chinese Opera.

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