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Tim Burton film Gothic image research

Author NingXin
Tutor NiuHongYing
School Shaanxi Normal University
Keywords Movie of Tim Burton Gothic Imagery Space
CLC J905
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This thesis is established on Tim Burton’s movies as the research contents, integrates with imagery, the Gothic literature theory and space theory, discusses the typical imagery and unique Gothic movie styles in Tim Burton’s movies. The Gothic style is centralized reflection of Time Burton’s filming style. In his movies, the prototype system based on traditional literature is challenged and subverted, the classic Hollywood movie mode is impacted, the situation of single and serious story-telling vocabulary of traditional movies is deconstructed. Based on the existing data, there are many articles studying Tim Burton’s movies style, however, they rarely discuss Tim Burton’s Gothic imagery and style after summarization and placed in the postmodern cultural contexts. The research contents of this thesis can be developed from4aspects, starts from the basic Gothic arts, combines with the developing tendency of current movies, discusses about the impacts the Tim Burton’s film texts summarize and develop the Gothic movies’ particular imagery.The first chapter introduces about biography and works of Tim Burton. Since the research of Tim Burton’s Gothic movie style’ influences is based on the combination with the development of Gothic Arts, this chapter discussed the influences of Tim Burton’s movies in detail from the aspect of dispelling the traditional movies. In the Gothic literatures, Allen Poe’s artistic achievement is undeniable, his works is the integration of Gothic phantom and his own understanding, enable the Gothic imagery wrap up both the gloomy and the warmth. This point is not only what Allen Poe contributed to the Gothic literatures, but also what impacts Tim Burton most.The second chapter deeply discusses the space imagery in Tim Burton’s movies from space theory. It studies and researches the director’s unique Gothic design in space from three aspects:enclosure space, natural space and wonderland space. Enclosure space is most typical space imagery in Gothic culture, it is the basis of the development of plots. The construction of natural space and wonderland space integrates more with thoughts of Tim Burton. In his movies, the space transfer is actually the exchanges of the speech rights and the subjects identities, this sort of space imagery and construction is based on a certain degree of cultural connotation. Then, this chapter organizes throughout the movies of directors, analyzes the typical Gothic imagery, which appears in Tim Burton’s movies over and over again, in accordance with abundant detailed contexts, searches the functions and intentions of the imagery. In fact, because of the harmonious coexistence of these "horrible" images, Tim Burton’s works is being regarded as unique.This thesis summarizes the creating characteristics and styles of Tim Burton’s movies, deeply analyzes the Gothic culture according to the works of Allen Poe, expresses the importance of Gothic culture to Tim Burton’s movies. Based on the analysis of the Gothic space design and the typical images in his movies, such as witches, mechanics and ghosts, it can be proved that Tim Burton breakthroughs the Gothic style, not be restricted to the traditional and single horrible Gothic image, but extend to his own Gothic mode, this is a process of recreate and distillation. At the last part, the thesis compares the Tim Burton’s movies and the postmodernism. As a cultural thoughts which started in western worlds and spread all over the world, the postmodernism has the features of ambiguous and uncertainty, expresses the overturn and challenges to the modern arts, unfolds the a whole new meaning though challenges, this point is similar with Tim Burton’s movies, thus, there is a close relationship between the two. A director, who is in the environment dominated by the commercial films, is able to verify the value of his own life and challenge the Hollywood’s tradition through an absurd and ridiculed way. There is no deliberate exaggeration and expression, but many pure and natural factors. As the impacts from the succeed of Tim Burton’s Gothic, the Gothic style fused with other film styles, acquired the huge developing spaces.

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